A “Brave” Girl


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Ross was a chemist and a mil­lion­aire by virtue of his patent tech­nol­ogy in chem­istry. After be­com­ing wealthy, Ross was ad­dicted to col­lect­ing fa­mous an­tiques and paint­ings. He was lav­ished with many ex­quis­ite world-fa­mous paint­ings and pre­cious an­tiques, put them at his liv­ing room and in­vited his guests for ap­pre­ci­a­tion.

One day when he was trav­el­ing, some­one came into his house and stole some an­tiques and a paint­ing worth over $200,000. More­over, when he was about to leave, the thief even drank half bot­tle of the wine on the ta­ble. See­ing it, Ross had an idea.

The theft filled the evening news­pa­per that night. At the end of the news was a state­ment by Ross. Sur­pris­ingly, the other day, the mo­ment some­one showed up at Ross’s, the un­der­cover po­lice came out and caught the man. After be­ing in­ter­ro­gated, the man ad­mit­ted to have com­mit­ted the bur­glary.

So what made the thief come back?

In fact, the state­ment by Ross was: I am Ross, a chemist. To­day when I came back, I found the liq­uid on the green bot­tle on my ta­ble was drunk by some­one. It was not wine but a toxic chem­i­cal liq­uid. Who­ever drank it should come to my house to have the an­ti­dote, or he may die within two days. Please share this state­ment after read­ing. Many thanks.

There­fore, the thief fell into the trap him­self.






原来,罗斯在晚报上登的声声明是:我是化学家罗斯,今天回家,家,我发现家中桌子上绿色酒瓶里的液的液体被人喝了几口。那不是酒,是有毒是有毒 的液体。谁喝了快到我家来服解药,否则两天内必有生命危险。请读者阅后相互转告,万分感谢。


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