Lucky Flash­light


Special Focus - - Contents - Qiao Zhi 乔治

An 18-year-old man once dreamed of be­ing en­rolled in the Acad­emy of Arts & De­sign, Ts­inghua Univer­sity. He came to Bei­jing and at­tended a train­ing course for the test.

One day, the teacher asked him to draw six kinds of flash­lights on the black­board. He was stunned. He came from Ningxia, a poor and closed-off re­gion where he only saw tra­di­tional iron flash­lights. How could he draw six dif­fer­ent flash­lights? The young man drew an iron flash­light and said in a low voice, “I only knew this kind of flash­light.”

“For a stu­dent study­ing prod­uct de­sign, your view is too nar­row. You can’t make it.” The teacher waved a hand and said.

He was so em­bar­rassed that he al­most cried.

The young man re­turned to his seat and stared blankly af­ter class. Some stu­dents com­forted him and told him not to be frus­trated. He said, “I am not frus­trated. I am just think­ing where I can find all kinds of flash­lights.”

He went to al­most ev­ery shop­ping mall in Bei­jing and drew the flash­lights he saw. Oth­ers thought he was too stub­born.

When the day his pro­fes­sional test came, the sub­ject hap­pened to be “Draw Six Flash­lights.” The young man was so ex­cited that he drew six flash­lights in five min­utes. Then he asked for more pa­pers and drew 36 kinds of flash­lights in to­tal.

The su­per­vi­sor was sur­prised and asked all the teach­ers to come. They ex­claimed, “Ge­nius!” Un­doubt­edly, the young man suc­cess­fully en­rolled into the Acad­emy of Arts & De­sign at Ts­inghua Univer­sity and later be­came the founder of LKK De­sign Com­pany. He is the fa­mous de­signer Jia Wei.

Jia Wei re­called the past and said that, “A lot of peo­ple think that flash­lights bring me luck. I’ve al­ways be­lieved that some­times we need a lit­tle bit of stub­born­ness. When you’re aware of your short­com­ings, you should try to over­come them. Only by do­ing this can your ex­pe­ri­ences grow. Other­wise, it is only an em­bar­rass­ing and worth­less past.”

(From BozhouEven­ingDaily, April 18, 2017)

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