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Jog­ging in Wechat Wechat jog­ging is a popular APP of­fer­ing step-count­ing ser­vices for peo­ple in cell­phone. A girl’s wechat walk­ing count­ing record shows great dif­fer­ences from day to day— for some days, it shows twenty thou­sand steps while for oth­ers it shows steps fewer than a hun­dred steps. One day, I asked her ca­su­ally why she walked long dis­tance on some days while barely walked on the oth­ers. She an­swered: “If I had twenty thou­sand steps, that’s be­cause I was shop­ping in the street. If I walked less than a hun­dred steps, that’s be­cause I was shop­ping on­line.”

Where are the guests?

On the week­end, my besties and I fi­nally got to­gether, putting on our heavy makeup and go­ing out for a meal.

Since the air con­di­tion­ing in the pri­vate room of the restau­rant was out of func­tion, and what we ate hap­pened to be hot pot, so ev­ery­one sweat like a pig and our exquisite makeup messed up within half an hour. Hav­ing no way out, we rushed to the re­stroom and washed off all the makeup. With­out makeup on our faces, we came back and went on eat­ing.

Then the waiter en­tered the pri­vate room to serve us the tea. At the sight of our plain faces, the waiter got puz­zled, ask­ing us with much anx­i­ety: “Where are the guests on this ta­ble be­fore you? They haven’t paid their bill yet!”

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