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Please build your mental and be­hav­ioral bound­aries well and don’t let oth­ers in­ter­fere with your life. It is not quib­bling but go­ing your own way and adopt­ing non-in­ter­fer­ence at­ti­tude in life.

—You are the mas­ter of your life

When Chi­nese peo­ple claim the kids are clever, firstly, they mean that the kids are pre­co­cious, in other words, they are cute. How­ever, the cute kids will not go far be­cause get­ting cute im­plies an act of dis­hon­esty; Se­condly, the kids have good yet sim­ple mem­ory, they are good at mem­o­riz­ing an­cient Tang po­ems and cir­cum­fer­ence ra­tio. The sig­nif­i­cance of such sim­ple mem­ory work has been em­pha­sized too much by the par­ents while in fact they sel­dom “dis­cover” the real bril­liant kids.

—Wang Fuzhong, Chi­nese econ­o­mist

What re­ally counts in life amounts to three points, that is, a peace­ful life, be grate­ful, and with a faith­ful spouse.

—That is what we have learnt in pri­mary school. Namely, “Fine, thank you, and you?” in sim­ple English.

Sim­ple things may have three dif­fer­ent out­comes: some are ne­glected by peo­ple due to its triv­i­al­ity; some are made com­pli­cated by peo­ple and even­tu­ally dis­carded; still oth­ers will be per­ma­nent and en­dur­ing due to its sim­plic­ity.

—The sim­plest, the long last­ing

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