The Non-ro­man­tics


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In Jin Yong’s fic­tion, the most ro­man­tic char­ac­ter would have to 1 be Huang Yaoshi . Af­ter the death of his wife, he piled up mas­ter­pieces and relics by the jade cof­fin of his wife, mak­ing the cham­ber a small mu­seum. In or­der to fol­low his wife, he de­signed a ro­man­tic way to die: he built a giant boat and took her cof­fin with him, stand­ing at the boat head, blow­ing the jade flute and sink­ing with the boat.

Un­for­tu­nately, no mat­ter what he did, he could not change the fact of his wife’s death. Thus, his be­hav­iors im­pressed us as ro­man­tic but lack of prac­ti­cal­ity. In com­par­i­son, the ob­tuse


and straight­for­ward Guo Jing seemed to be more re­al­is­tic: bring­ing Huang


Rong a pack of food, though smashed. Guo Jing didn’t spend a for­tune on


this food. He took it from Yang Kang . See­ing the del­i­cate food, he thought of Huang Rong and car­ried it in his bag. Un­ex­pect­edly, he en­coun­tered strong en­e­mies on the road, fight­ing and run­ning all the way. When he met Huang Rong, the food was all smashed and bro­ken.

The first re­ac­tion was feel­ing ashamed, just like all hon­or­able men without de­cent gifts. He said: “These are not ed­i­ble” with a red face, throw­ing the scraps into the lake. How­ever, Huang Rong stopped him and said: “I’ll eat it.” She ate while cry­ing, tak­ing out a white hand­ker­chief and wrap­ping the re­main­der. She said with a smile: “I will eat more later.”

In or­der to win the heart of Huang


Rong, Ouyang Ke put all his eggs in one bas­ket but failed. He even came to Peach Blos­som Is­land to study so that he could get closer to Huang Rong. He de­lib­er­ately chose a sub­ject that re­quired the most time— the Skill of Five El­e­ments and Eight Di­a­grams. Isn’t it ro­man­tic that a young man from a well- off fam­ily stud­ied ad­vanced math­e­mat­ics for a girl, tor­tur­ing him­self with cal­cu­lus and an­a­lytic ge­om­e­try? Or­di­nary girls would be deeply moved, but Huang Rong didn’t even take a look at him. It was in­stead the lit­tle sur­prise of the dumb Guo Jing that cap­ti­vated her.

In Jin Yong’s fic­tion, sur­prises like these are abound and were all made by non- ro­man­tics— for ex­am­ple, Zhang


Wuji .

He went to Khan­baliq, the hec­tic cap­i­tal of Yuan Em­pire on the ex­cuse of search­ing for his fos­ter fa­ther. In the dim light of the night the mud­dle­headed Zhang went into the


tav­ern he used to drink with Zhao Min

and found her sit­ting inside.

This is the most ro­man­tic en­counter in Dragon Buster. The first re­ac­tion of Zhao Min was jump­ing up with sur­prise, say­ing: “Why, why are you here?” with a shiver­ing voice. It’s ob­vi­ous that she felt thrilled.

It was be­cause Zhang Wuji had never for­got­ten Zhao Min that they could meet in the old tav­ern. Com­pared with the ap­pointed date, this kind of en­counter brings peo­ple more sur­prise and af­fec­tion. This is why Zhao Min loved Zhang Wuji.


The can­did Di Yun is also a non- ro­man­tic. In a big snow val­ley, he ar­gued with a girl named


Shui Sheng and re­fused to set her free. How­ever, he stayed by her side for a whole day. Later, Shui Sheng stopped call­ing him “big bad wolf” and called him “Brother Di” in­stead.

There is a kind of sur­prise called the non­ro­man­tics. They are not ro­man­tic but they are re­li­able. Peo­ple like Guo Jing, Zhang Wuji and Di Yun don’t know the skills to pick up girls but they mas­ter the most ba­sic trick of be­ing a hu­man. They move girls with sin­cer­ity. Bring­ing the smashed food, Guo Jin was not cre­at­ing ro­mance. In­stead, he was only try­ing to bring the girl lit­tle hap­pi­ness and that was what a girl called ro­mance. (From Lec­tureRoom , Novem­ber 2017)

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