Love Is Still There


Special Focus - - Contents - Xue Xiaochan 雪小禅

So­phie Marceau has al­ways been my fa­vorite ac­tress. There is some­thing spe­cial in her eyes—they are misty but sharp. You can­not look at them for long; oth­er­wise your heart could melt. In the movie Fire­light , she was gor­geous and de­ter­mined. It was not a per­fect story, but I loved it be­cause of So­phie Marceau. In or­der to save her fa­ther, the gov­erness, played by So­phie, had an af­fair with a man to get £500. In re­turn, she had to con­ceive and bear a baby for that man, whose wife was in veg­e­ta­tive state. She was asked to stay away from the child, but she couldn’t for­get it, even af­ter six years. She be­came a gov­erness in that man’s home and they fell in love again. The plot was pre­dictable and cliché, but Sophia’s in­ter­pre­ta­tion was in­trigu­ing.

In the scene where she makes love with the man for the first time, her shapely body and cold eyes struck me. She didn’t en­joy it be­cause she was do­ing it for money. How­ever, when they fell in love with each other later, I could feel the strong bond of love be­tween them, even if they just held hands for a short mo­ment in a stair­well. My heart beat fast at that mo­ment.

I pre­fer secret in­ti­macy to erotic scenes— be­cause love can be felt in ev­ery gen­tle touch. Steal­ing is ex­cit­ing at any time, let alone the steal­ing of love.

I am re­ally into the 18th- cen­tury UK pe­riod aes­thetic. I love the heavy fog, cold air, and the way the women dressed. The tight tops elon­gates the wearer’s body vis­ually. The cos­tume at that time is deadly beau­ti­ful.

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