Ac­com­pa­ny­ing Her in the Rain


Special Focus - - Contents - Chen Yi­quan 陈亦权

On the Valen­tine’s Day, my brother fi­nally had the chance to date a girl. Lack of ex­pe­ri­ence, he con­sulted me sin­cerely about what he should do. I ar­ranged a “sched­ule” for him: First, bring­ing enough money and meet­ing at a cafe near the cin­ema. Then, af­ter the meal , you may stroll the path in the River­bank Park en­joy­ing your way to the film. What is more, it would be driz­zling tonight. Just imag­ine how ro­man­tic it could be. Af­ter the movie, you send her home with re­luc­tance....

“With the help of you, things will never go wrong.” My brother was so ex­cited that he could not wait to grab an um­brella out . It seemed that he would not go home un­til 12:00 p. m., I thought. How­ever, he came back at only half past eight, soak­ing wet and in a low spirit.

I asked: “What’s wrong, boy? Your ‘sched­ule’ ended ahead of time? ”

My brother sighed: “You can find a nee­dle in the deep ocean, how­ever, you can never fig­ure out what a woman is think­ing about.”

I asked him what hap­pened, my brother sighed again: “When we were drink­ing cof­fee and eat­ing cakes, she seemed well, and we had a good time, but when we walked in the park, things went wrong un­ex­pect­edly.” “What hap­pened?” I was con­cerned. My brother replied, tow­el­ing his hair: “Af­ter we walked out of the cafe, we held our um­brel­las re­spec­tively. Is there any­thing wrong? How­ever, as we walked sud­denly she stopped. She took down her um­brella and threw it into the river. It hap­pened so fast that I was all at sea.

She shouted at me: ‘How could you just let me caught in the rain alone?’ I went blank for a mo­ment then I quickly took down my um­brella and threw it into the river. Wasn’t I ac­com­pa­ny­ing her in the rain? How­ever she looked at me, frown­ing, then ran away. I called her many times, but she never an­swered the phone, so I had to go home alone ear­lier than we had planned.”

(From , April 9, 2017)

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