Ca­reer Choice and En­vied Luck


Special Focus - - Contents - Huang Tong­tong 黄佟佟

In the past few days, my bestie Miss Blue and I have been en­gaged in a lively dis­cus­sion about the re­cent buzz­word “the rocket pack that al­lows pigs to fly,” which re­minded us the im­por­tance of ca­reer choices in one’s life and the “rocket packs” we’ve seen in China over the past few decades.

For the post- 60s gen­er­a­tion ( those born be­tween 1960 and 1969 in Main­land China), there have been many such “rocket packs” as go­ing into busi­ness and be­ing your own boss in the 1990s. For ex­am­ple, one of my cousins was a worker in a ma­chine fac­tory in our town. Back in the late 1980s, ev­ery­one thought that punch­ing a time card at the fac­tory ev­ery day was the best and most sta­ble way to earn a liv­ing. Yet ig­nor­ing ob­jec­tions from his fam­ily mem­bers, he quit­ted job, started a brick mill and grad­u­ally be­came some­body, and later even bought out the ma­chine fac­tory which he worked for be­fore. Now he’s a lo­cal celebrity in my home­town.

For the post- 70s gen­er­a­tion, en­gag­ing in the real es­tate busi­ness was their “rocket pack.” In the 1990s, three red-hot ma­jors as for­eign lan­guages, com­put­ers and civil en­gi­neer­ing are more fa­vored in my col­lege time. Time proves all things as many of those who ma­jored in for­eign lan­guages in col­lege are now medi­oc­ri­ties. They fought tooth and nail to go abroad but now sin­cerely re­gret that they missed out on China’s 20- year pe­riod of light­ning-

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