The Power of De­mand


Special Focus - - Contents - Liu Sha 流沙

Avic­to­ri­ous hero who can in­spire mil­lions shall bear wounds and scars with an ex­hausted man­ner when re­turn­ing home.

This is what we call “sup­ply­de­mand” men­tal­ity. A hero with wounds and scars is de­sired among the hero him­self and the spec­ta­tors (in­clud­ing the au­thor­i­ties) at such a grand oc­ca­sion. Just imag­ine how mag­nif­i­cent it is! If not, the scene will eclipse no mat­ter how great a bat­tle the hero might have won.

So, in­tri­cate as it is, such a “sup­ply-de­mand” men­tal­ity is hid­den deep in the in­ner heart.

Ri­mowa, one of the in­ter­na­tional suit­case brands, can be found in most su­per­mar­kets and shop­ping malls. Ri­mowa’s suit­case is easy to be de­pressed and scratched be­cause of its alu­minum ma­te­rial which sur­pris­ingly, has made it one of the best sell­ers in the mar­ket. The fact is that most buy­ers love the scratches on the suit­case, deem­ing them a sym­bol of trav­el­ing a lot and an ex­pres­sion of their at­ti­tude to­wards life. What a mir­a­cle it is! If you hang around the air­port, you may find that many white-col­lars or even celebri­ties are car­ry­ing suit­cases of this kind. Evian, a fa­mous brand of min­eral wa­ter, is now sell­ing at a price of 7 or 8 yuan per bot­tle, a price ap­prox­i­mately sim­i­lar to its Chi­nese coun­ter­parts. How­ever, more than a decade ago, it would take maybe 15 to 20 yuan to buy one bot­tle.. Even with such a high price, it en­joyed a lion’s share in the mar­ket.

Again, the con­sumers’

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