Anec­dotes on the Road


Special Focus - - Contents - Qu Gong 瞿公

One day af­ter work, I got a Uber with a non- lo­cal li­cence plate, the guy with a Chongqing ac­cent wouldn’t stop brag­ging to me: “I left home at seven­teen. What’s the point of mak­ing money? Isn’t it just to make our­selves happy? I was born with a sil­ver spoon in my mouth. My dad could grab tens of mil­lions in cash eas­ily. But I’m a hard- nosed kind of guy, and I didn’t want any of his money. I’m not like my brother, who asked Dad for mil­lions. I tell you the truth, this place where you live, no­body knows it bet­ter than me. My brother used to be in a gang around here. One time, a guy scratched up my car, saw that my plate was non­lo­cal and tried to give me the runaround. In the end, I had to give him a good wal­lop­ing. The guy went to find some of his friends to come back at me, but when they rec­og­nized who I was they all bounced off, if that isn’t re­spect for my bro I don’t know what it is. Those lit­tle ras­cals are just ju­niors to my brother. Well, if you don’t mess with us we’re all quite cool, but we are not afraid of trou­ble.”

I was quite sure this was an ex­pe­ri­enced guy with a lot of “sto­ries” in his life.

Later, the guy, sob­bing while driv­ing, was on the phone with his ex-girl­friend try­ing to win her back:

“Lily, there are two hot­ties in my car, but I didn’t even look at them. You’re the only one for me. From now on, I will do what­ever you ask me to do…”

One time, I was in a car with two besties talk­ing about re­la­tion­ships. Just when I was talk­ing about how my boyfriend was kind of stupid, the driver sud­denly spoke up: “You’re still to­gether with him even like this? What are you wait­ing for? Keep­ing him to take home for the New Year? Sis, don’t worry about it, I’ll find a guy for you. I promise I’ll get you a good one.”

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