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What per­plexes us is not the loss of map, but the loss of des­ti­na­tion.

—Small eyes, big world



When it rains, I pick up my um­brella and un­der­stand a truth: if you don’t block the wind and rain for peo­ple, what rea­son do they have to lift you above them­selves?

— A les­son learned from the um­brella



When the storm ap­proaches you hap­pen to stand in front of a big tree. If you look at the branches you may feel the tree is right about to tum­ble down, but if you look at the trunk of it, you’d know that it’s firm and un­break­able.

—When big prob­lems arise, you need to calm down



Dreams can be lav­ishly em­bel­lished; ideals are the bumpy road taken, slow but steady, one step at a time.

—Think boldly, act re­li­ably 秋衣角扎秋裤里,秋裤脚扎袜子里,是对冬天最基本的尊重。


The ther­mal un­der­shirt tucks into your long johns and your long johns tuck into your socks; this is the ba­sic re­spect for the win­ter.

—A ne­ti­zen re­marked: lift your long johns over your belly­but­ton; that’s a life­long promise to win­ter



The big­gest waste of time in the world is try­ing to rea­son with or im­part your ex­pe­ri­ence to young peo­ple. Ten thou­sand sen­tences are no match for one’s own sin­gle screw-up.

— Tears teach, re­gret grows, pain is the best teacher

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