Bring Hap­pi­ness to Your­self


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On New Year’s Day, my par­ents, my sis­ter with her hus­band and son, came to visit me in Bei­jing.

Af­ter din­ner we were pre­par­ing to go to Wang­fu­jing Street and had just come out of the restau­rant when my mother got up on her tippy-toes to but­ton up my fa­ther’s col­lar. The next day when we vis­ited Nan­lu­ogu Lane, for ev­ery few steps, Fa­ther looked back to make sure my mother fol­lowed. He wor­ried that she might get in the end­less streams of peo­ple. Later, he even asked her to walk a few steps ahead so that he could eas­ily keep an eye on her.

When we were back at the ho­tel that night, I asked my mother, “How come decades are like a day to you guys? I mean, you two are still so close, why is that?”

My mother an­swered in a sim­ple id­iom, “He who has tol­er­ance is at peace.”

“What do you mean by tol­er­ance? Tol­er­ate what? Don’t you feel un­happy hav­ing to be tol­er­ant ev­ery day?” I asked.

Mother smiled: “Tol­er­ance doesn’t mean I have to put up with your fa­ther’s tem­per, but that I con­trol my own emo­tions.”

At that mo­ment, I re­al­ized that hap­pi­ness can come so eas­ily for a per­son like my mom, who doesn’t ask for much.

I now look back on those mo­ments last Spring Fes­ti­val, when I talked to my mother about hap­pi­ness.

I asked her, “How can we bring hap­pi­ness to our loved ones?”

“Bring hap­pi­ness to your­self. When you are filled with hap­pi­ness, it will nat­u­rally over­flow and touch other’s life.” Such sim­ple but pro­found words of wis­dom.

( From TheS­to­ry­teller , The Writ­ers Pub­lish­ing House. Trans­la­tion: Huilan)

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