The Sponger’s Song


Special Focus - - Contents - Yu Guangzhong 余光中

If a menu is dreamy as a song, then the bill sober­ing as a cracked prose held long;

A tip ag­o­nizes the nig­gardly, like roy­al­ties to pay; a toxic meal’s poi­son­ing forces the tox­ins hurled upon the floor, like crit­i­cisms from a stodgy bore. ( From YuGuangzhong's Clas­sics, Modern World Pub­lish­ing Press. Trans­la­tion: Chase Coul­son)

Yu Guangzhong (also Yu Kwang-chung, 1928–2017) was a fa­mous writer, poet, ed­u­ca­tor and critic in Tai­wan, China.

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