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When the CEO of a corporation approached B Squared Design and asked that they create a ‘home away from home’ for him in Hong Kong, with the stipulation that it can also be a hotel and meeting space for VIP clients, as well as a venue for work functions, Britta Butler was anything but intimidated.

She designed bespoke furniture for the living room and bedroom that would be both functional and sculptural. The client has an extensive art collection that he wanted showcased, as well as a desire to create an oasis in an urban jungle, so Butler had to think creatively in terms of space usage. Using visually impactful materials, bold shapes, and meticulously sourced one-ofa-kind furnishings, she successfully evoked the style and feeling of a boutique hotel—a tasteful, functional exclusive space.

Butler established B Squared Design in 2015, and her team includes a junior designer, an office assistant, a construction manager, and trusted contractors. Since the founding of the company, they have undertaken over 30 projects. The ‘REA Interior Design Awards 2018’ was the first major award she has won with her own design firm, and Butler is thrilled to be recognised for the work she loves to do.

With a focus on visual beauty and functionality, Butler creates homes that become sanctuaries from the outside world. Life in a major cosmopolitan city can be draining, and she thinks it’s important everybody has a space that they love and can unwind in. Each project varies according to the requests of the client, but Butler has some personal favourite overarching themes that she tries to incorporate into her designs, namely clean lines, contemporary spaces, and an attention to texture and colour. Having received a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an undergraduate degree from Harvard, Butler also offers architectural services as well as interior design—an edge of expertise that most other companies do not offer.

Since moving to Asia in 2007, Butler has not looked back. She finds the constantly changing landscape of Hong Kong inspiring, and cannot be happier being part of the local design world. With increasing numbers of people focusing on pleasing designs for their home, Butler has noticed trends cropping up. “People are becoming more adventurous in terms of colour. Neutrals are still around, but nowadays people aren’t afraid to add pops of colour or even go bold.” When asked about her personal opinions of the future of Hong Kong’s interior design industry, she is full of hope. “The future is so bright—there are so many creative people here from all over the world, as well as innovators in technology.”

As an advocate of life-long learning and growing, Butler would ideally like to expand B Squared Design to the mainland China market, viewing it as a great opportunity to continue her personal education and reach more people. Looking fondly back on her own journey, Butler has this to say to current students of interior design, and those looking to get started in the industry: “You can learn a lot in school, but there is an innate knowledge that already exists within you if you are truly passionate. Follow your instincts, don’t stifle it, and be willing to take chances!”

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