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Boss Design is a homegrown interior design company established in 2008. Apart from having extensive experience in residential and commercial projects which include store and office design, Boss Design insists on regulating the various aspects of the renovation and remodelling process, ensuring that every detail of each project is carefully attended to.

“You see a lot of design companies in the market that are one trick ponies whose design only has one style,” says Daniel Wong, Design Director of Boss Design. “We, at Boss, are much more clientoriented, meaning that our designs are customised based on the clients’ exact preferences. We design in a wide variety of styles, and have the experience and talent to do it well.”

Wong undertakes the “design and build” mindset to describe Hong Kong’s design market trend, saying, “Hong Kong homes tend to be very small, which means that they need someone to thoughtfully design and lay out the space, taking advantage and making sense of every square inch.” When talking about how the industry has changed over Asia, Wong explains that many Hong Kong interior design firms have been expanding their businesses to mainland China or are planning to do so. “You have to look north these days, because mainland clients like Hong Kong designers’ work,” Wong says. “There is a difference between the design styles of the two places; many mainland designers tend to go for flashy, extravagant design, but as tastes develop, residents in the mainland want interior design that’s more refined and personal, giving Hong Kong designers an advantage there—at least for now. However, we all know that people are quick learners in the mainland, so it’s very possible that they will catch up with Hong Kong designers in that area. Currently we have a few ongoing projects in mainland China, most of which are furniture-making jobs.”

Boss Design’s award-winning project is a fourbedroom unit at Mayfair by the Sea in Tai Po. “The design of this unit exudes understated luxury that resembles a high-end hotel. Its palette mainly features different shades of beige and cream, and we chose materials such as marble, leather and steel to create a rich and layered visual effect.” Wong explains. Wong finishes by stressing that Rome wasn’t built in a day—"those new to the industry have to work hard and stay grounded. They should visit the construction sites as often as they can, and learn to communicate with contractors and home builders. And of course, they should study the trade and prepare a good portfolio before entering the field.”

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