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Providing innovative and comprehensive design solutions, Cameron Interiors Limited is an interior design firm with a highly skilled team of designers. The team at Cameron Interiors strives to create unique and personalised residential and corporate spaces, and has extensive experience in designing homes of various sizes as well as commercial projects.

Cameron Interiors’ design concept revolves around four core values: aesthetics, functionality, personality and quality. “Our goal is to provide high-calibre design, craftsmanship and service,” explains Cameron Kam, Design Director at Cameron Interiors. Kam thinks that Hong Kong clients have tall standards for quality and functionality, with usually short time frames and suggests that Hong Kong design firms should focus on the quality of their design rather than quantity. As Hong Kong is known for its high-density areas, homes tend to be very small, which poses challenges to designers, explaining that in such cases, a designer’s job is to satisfy the home owner’s needs for both storage and display by maximising the potential of each area and striking a balance between the two.

Its award-winning project, a unit at Perfect Mount Gardens in Shau Kei Wan, plays largely with wooden materials and utilises delicate design details. The designer put in place a variety of display shelves in the apartment for the home owner—an avid art collector—to showcase his collection. A movable wooden screen is installed in the middle, so the owner can change up the space arrangement for various purposes. Colour coordination and a wide spectrum of materials—faux wood, horsehair wallpaper, mirror, fabric, among others—also add a sense of luxury to the home.

According to Kam, what sets Cameron Interiors apart in the industry lies in its unique design, genuine hospitality and thoughtful service. Its innovative spirit, in-depth understanding of their clients’ needs, and pursuit of excellence are what differentiates itself in fierce market competition.

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