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Tuen Mun is Hong Kong's westernmost continental district, containing one of the largest residential areas in the New Territories. Geographically, it is sandwiched between two mountains, Castle Peak in the west and Kau Keng Shan in the east. Don't let its location at the far end of the MTR map dismay you; because it's such an expansive area overall, there are no lack of attractions to keep even the flightiest of visitors entertained.

Food & Beverage

The several malls in Tuen Mun Town Centre contains all your usual array of food options, from fast food chains to fancier choices. However, the more interesting restaurants require a little more digging to get to. Alight at Prime View LRT station where you will find several private restaurants around the square. We hear Akabashi Ramen along Tsing Ling Path is well worth a visit, as is Pizza Baby, easily the most eye-catching establishment in the area with its pink exterior and decorative baby mascot. BYOB Coffee Roaster at the junction of Tsing Ling and Tsing To Path is a hipster-ish café and Pizza Veg on Tsing Min Path serves vegetarian pizza and pasta dishes. Among the various dessert options available we felt Crepe N Cream and TASTE Café & Dessert held the most attraction.

Further out in Lam Tei, located next to the Miu Fat Monastery, Red Seasons Restaurant is famed for its roast suckling pig stuffed with glutinous rice. Don't let the restaurant's drab appearance fool you; we know people who have driven nearly two hours from Hong Kong Island just for this dish!

Culture & History

Possibly the most culturally relevant landmarks in Tuen Mun are the stunning monasteries in the area. Miu Fat Monastery is a Buddhist sanctuary with a modern lotus-shaped building decked out in glass walls right next to its older traditional building. It comprises of a Buddhist shrine, a community hall, and a library with Buddhist texts. The older building is named the Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall, whose top floor houses the Mahavira Hall containing three tall gold-plated statues of the Buddha Sakyamuni. The walls and ceiling are covered with paintings of Buddha in a blend of Sino-thai influences. Pop round the back of the three Buddhas to view a golden statue of the Thousand-handed Guanyin.

Another famous religious landmark is the Tsing Shan Monastery, Hong Kong's oldest and also one of the largest. Allegedly founded 1,500 years ago, the monastery was rebuilt in 1926. Upon entering the Monastery, visitors will pass through the ‘Heung Hoi Ming Shan' archway. Ching Wan Koon is adjacent to the Mahavira Hall, dedicated to a goddess who frees worshippers from their worries. The temple grounds was also one of the shooting locations for the Bruce Lee classic ‘Enter The Dragon'. To reach the monastery, alight at Tsing Shan Tsuen LTR station and follow signposts. Be warned, the path is steep and the hike up takes roughly half an hour.

Sandwiched between Hung Cheung Road and Tin Hau Road along Tuen Mun River, the Fa Pau Exhibition Hall showcases panels, imagery and more information on fireworks.

Leisure & Facilities

As Tuen Mun is so large, it is blessed with numerous parks, but among the best are Yeung Siu Hang Garden and Tuen Mun Park. Yeung Siu Hang Garden contains 14 tree species commonly found in Hong Kong, arranged with QR codes so visitors can learn more about Hong Kong's nature. There is also a fish and turtle pond, a shaded reflexology pebble path, and a dedicated Tai Chi area.

Tuen Mun Park is much closer to the town centre, and contains artificial lakes and waterfalls, a model boat pool and a rollerskating rink among others. Its top attraction however is the Reptile House. There are approximately 50 live exhibits in the House including the Boa constrictor, Star tortoise and Bluetongued skink. This indoor terrarium is well worth the trip, if only to hide from the heat for a little while.

A bridge at the edge of Tuen Mun Park leads you straight to a piazza where the Town Hall, Public Library, and the Tuen Mun Government Offices are all located. From this elevated plaza, you can easily make your way into the Trend Plaza Shopping Arcade, which in turn links to the four buildings that make up the extensive Tuen Mun Town Plaza. Tuen Mun Town Centre is also serviced by V city and H.A.N.D.S (which stands for ‘Have A Nice Day Shopping').


BYOB咖啡館 BYOB Coffee Roaster Pizza Baby 手工薄餅專門店

萬佛寶殿 Heung Hoi Ming Shan 香海名山 Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall

屯門大會堂 Tuen Mun Park Reptile House 屯門公園爬蟲館 Tuen Mun Park屯門公園 Tuen Mun Town Hall

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