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The 'East Coast Park Precinct'

The Planning Department has proposed building the 'East Coast Park Precinct' on the reclaimed land in North Point. The precinct will have a biking lane and a seaside promenade, bringing local residents closer to the harbour. The consultation is expected to completed by the end of this year.

School Net

North Point belongs to primary school net No. 14, which includes SKH St Michael Primary School, North Point Methodist Primary School, and North Point Government Primary School. Its secondary school net belongs to the Eastern District, with schools such as Belilios Public School, Cheung Chuk Shan College, the Church of Christ in China Kwei Wah Shan College and Kiangsu-chekiang College. The area also has Hong Kong Shue Yan University, as well as international schools including Chinese International School, Hong Kong Japanese School and Kiangsu-chekiang College International Section.

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