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Here are some beautiful coffee tables to go with your next caffeine fix.



Spencer coffee table HK$19,990 from Indigo Living

Gold is the material of the moment, used as sumptuous accessorising and luxe focal points in furnishing. This coffee table is made of polished stainless steel in a gold colour, and its organic boulder shape and shiny surface lends a contemporary look to the sculptural piece.於產品上添加金色,有一種炫耀及攫取焦點的效果。這款茶凳用金色不 鋼製造,設計上採用巨石形態及配以閃亮表面,為這件雕塑級咖啡桌增添了現代感。

Zion coffee table HK$5,490 from Indigo Living

Form, function, and fashion have collided to bring us this ultra-mod inspiration. Made of polished brass-plated stainless steel and black marble, this angular table works perfectly in smaller living spaces. Alternatively, have a group of them to create your own pattern and style. Truly old-world glamour meeting new-age chic.形態、功能與時尚等原素相互撞擊,為我們帶來這種獨特的設計靈感。由鍍上一層不 鋼的拋光黃銅與黑色大理石所製成,令這款型格小桌能完美地擺放在細小的居住空間。另一個選擇,是購入一組小桌來創造自己喜歡的模樣與風格。這就是舊世代魅力遇上新時尚。

Celebes coffee table HK$8,950 from TREE

This season, TREE is embracing the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi, the art of seeking beauty in imperfection. Their celebes range is a unique collection of one-off pieces made from chunks of discarded teak wood previously used as fence posts on Sulawesi. Each piece is beautifully rustic and no two look the same. Move over hygge, it's time to bring some old world charm into your living room.

這個季節,Tree選擇擁抱日本的侘寂(wabi sabi)哲學,即是在不完美中尋求美。他們的慶典系列是由獨一無二的廢棄柚木木材製成,而這些木材則曾用作蘇拉威西島港口的柵欄。每件產品都具有非常濃厚的鄉村氣息,沒有兩個產品看起來是一樣的。是時候給你的客廳帶來一些舊世界魅力。

Liquefy large table – Green HK$27,000 from Glas Italia

Taking on the appearance of swirling marble, this glass table is imbued with a mesmerising touch. The brand Glas Italia was created in 1970 in the Lombardy industrial area, making use of the family's glass factory and using advanced production processes. Crafted from tempered extra light glass, this piece is enclosed by a coordinated coloured frame painted on the perimeter for a visual punch.採用漩渦大理石花紋玻璃作為桌面,令這款玻璃桌充滿迷人觸感。Glas Italia品牌於1970年在倫巴第工業區創建,其家族擁有的玻璃工廠現已引入了先進生產工藝。這件作品採用鋼化超輕玻璃所製成,並塗上一層調和的彩色框架,為視覺帶來衝擊。

Tray coffee table – Black HK$6,300 from NORR11

Boasting a removable American oak tray tabletop, this handmade coffee table lends a distinctly Eastern touch to your living space. Standing strong on an American ash wood base, this minimalistic essential beautifully combines form and function.擁有可拆卸的美式橡木托盤桌面,這款手製咖啡桌能為您的生活空間帶來典雅的東方風情。以美式白蠟木作為底座,散發出形態與功能相結合的簡約美。

Hexagon marble top copper coffee table HK$3,400 from Bloomingville

Geometric shapes will never really go out of style, and neither will marble. Combine these two timeless beauties and you've got a gorgeous coffee table that has an understated glamour but can still be used as a centrepiece in any room. Place a mid-sized potted plant within its gilded frame for a natural touch of soothing colour.幾何形狀永遠不會過時,大理石同樣不會。把這兩種永恆的美麗相結合,就會變成一個既低調而又華麗的咖啡桌,能成為任何家居的焦點。把一盆中型盆栽植物放置於其鍍金框內,更能令房間即時充滿柔和的大自然色彩。

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