To Love and ‘Chairish’

Chairs can make or break a good interior; here are some well-designed beauties.好椅子可以令室內設計升華,以下介紹一系列佳作。


Chairs can make or break a good interior; here are some well-designed beauties.


Flynn Leather Swivel Chair HK$13,990 from Indigo Living

Leather has always been such a versatile texture; keeping you cool in summer and warmer in winter—not to mention, it is always aesthetically pleasing when taken care of. Add a dash of retro to your home with this leather swivel chair, made with 100% top-grain Italian semi-aniline calf leather in a two-toned distressed effect.皮革向來是多功能的物料,不僅冬暖夏涼,而且相當美觀。這張皮椅放於家中, 滲出陣陣復古味道,由100%意大利頂級粒 面皮革製成,透出雙色仿古效果。

Pasha King HK$21,335 from Organic Modernism

Indulge your inner drama king or queen by decorating your abode with this stunning asymmetric bronze chair. Hand-forged with a Japanese patina, each piece is unique. Not everyone can boast about having a oneof-a-kind chair that probably wouldn't look much out of place on the Game of Thrones set, but now you can.是時候發揮你的戲劇細胞,坐於這張非對稱銅椅,扮演一下皇帝皇后。以手工打造而成,綴以日本古色調,每張銅椅都是獨一無二。不是每個人都有機會誇口說出,我擁有一張「權力遊戲」感覺的椅子,但你現在有機會了。

Wingback Chair HK$37,200 from Tom Dixon

First prototyped as one of several British archetypal chairs for the infamous Shoreditch House Members Club in London, the exaggerated proportions of the wing and the scale of the chair allows the user to be enthroned against a grand backdrop or completely hidden from view as the mood strikes. Available in a range of colours, one of which is fur-covered.典型的倫敦Shoreditch House會員俱樂部英式坐椅,誇張的高背比例,坐下來有如登基一樣,同時給你獨處空間。貨品有多種顏色選擇,其中一張用上軟毛面料。

S Chair HK$11,600 from Tom Dixon

Originally born in 80s London and now re-engineered for the latest manufacturing technology, this legendary chair is now moulded in an industrial hard and soft foam with a pure wool cover. The instantly recognisable serpentine curves are now more comfortable and ergonomically active than ever. Car enthusiasts will be interested to learn that the cast iron base is inspired by a steering wheel. Available in a range of colours and fabrics, including leather.最初於80年代的倫敦誕生,現在以最新的技術重新製作,這張具傳奇色彩的椅子,採用了現今的工業軟硬質海綿所製造,並配以純羊毛椅面,獨特的蛇形曲線設計,現在變得更舒適,符合人體工學。汽車愛好者相信會有興趣了解,椅子的鑄鐵底座靈感是來 盤。椅子更有一系列顏色及面料作選擇,亦包括皮革。

Rabbit Small Chair – Black Pearl HK$7,300 from Qeebo

Taking on the form of a gentle bunny rabbit, this chair designed by Stefano Giovannoni will bring a lovably quirky twist to your interiors. This statement piece balances its cute subject matter with a cool metallic black.

這款由Stefano Giovannoni設計的椅子以小白兔為造型,能為你家居帶來一件可愛又特別的傢具。這張椅子的設計,更成功把可愛的主題與型格金屬黑色作出適當平衡。

BRISTOL Rocking Chair HK$14,999 from Nestnordic

Everybody loves a good rocking chair, especially one as comfy and beautifully designed as the BRISTOL. With a unique curvy shape, the backrest is the perfect height to rest your neck on, and your arms can be cradled by the ergonomic armrest. Available in pale silver, space blue, and ghost white.每個人都想要一張好坐的搖椅,特別是像BRISTOL一樣舒適與精美的搖椅。椅子靠背具有獨特的彎曲形狀,高度則配合頸部位,符合人體工學的扶手承托雙臂,讓全身得到無比舒適。顏色方面,則有淡銀色,太空藍及幽靈白可供選擇。

Deco Leather Chaise – Dark Brown HK$16,990 from Indigo Living

Be honest—lounging around is one of life's greatest pleasures, and what better surface to indulge on than this gorgeous chaise chair? Made from 100% top-grain leather, this modern stylish chaise is ideal for the lover of the New York loft and exposed brick aesthetic. It also comes with a pillow head rest for added detailing and comfort.老實說,懶洋洋的過活很爽,如果能躺著 懶惰,就真會享受了。100%頂級粒面皮革 製成,這張富有現代感的型格椅子,深受紐約閣樓風格喜好者歡迎。附設的枕頭位有心思,也令人躺得舒適。

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