Garden Party Vibes

Items to help you throw a quirky party in the sun.


Items to help you throw a quirky party in the sun.

Hand embroidered Beetle pillow on cotton HK$8,000 from LALA CURIO

This set of four cushions from the Enchanted Forest Curiosity collection showcases stunning hand-embroidered beetle designs. Real life creepy crawlies may not be welcome at your garden party, but these will be all the rage. Comes in navy, teal, red and orange.

Porcelain dessert plate – Cockatoo HK$180 from Mirth

This porcelain cake plate is decorated with a cockatoo and pineapple print. The quizzical expression on the bird and the soft splashes of watercolour make this piece particularly cute while the golden border in matte metallic still lends a grown-up edge. Dishwasher-, microwave- and freezer-safe for minimal fuss.

Swan Bowl HK$6,156 from L’objet

A graceful centrepiece for any cosmopolitan dining experience, this bowl is designed to sweep people off their feet. Painstakingly detailed by hand out of Limoges porcelain, this swan will keep all tasty treats nestled within its 24k gold-plated interior.

Rainforest serving tray HK$4,670 from Michael Aram

Deeply inspired by the Amazonian rainforest, the focal point of this tray is undoubtedly the double handles depicting reptiles with gently curved tails. A stunning piece of art in its own right, the body of the tray is also engraved with assorted leaves. We reckon it will look even better with some delicious canapes arranged on top.

Georgica large platter HK$1,540 from La Cartuja de Sevilla

The Georgica collection takes inspiration from exotic motifs, clearly seen on this quirky platter. Crafted from fine earthenware, this piece is sure to add some vibrancy to your garden party with its mesmerising nature illustrations.

Palm 6-Compartment plate HK$2,900 from Michael Aram

Invoking the summery beauty of windswept palm trees, these six bowls attached to a palm frond will deliver a tropical twist to your party. This will make a perfect snack receptacle, and after the get-together, it can also be seamlessly incorporated into most home décor.

Venise Cocktail Fork Set HK$1,400 from L'objet

The ‘Venise' pattern used here is inspired by the ironwork found throughout the ancient maritime city of Venice. We think they're stunning, and would also make you feel a little like Poseidon when you're brandishing it at the table.

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