Discovery Bay: Away from the Bustle

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Those who have visited Discovery Bay are often struck by how different it is from the rest of Hong Kong. Large numbers of foreign residents (with the highest expat percentage located in the whole of Hong Kong), western restaurants, as well as several international schools characterise the outlying island.

Located northeast of Lantau Island, Discovery Bay is a small town developed by private entities. In early 1979, Dr. Cha Chiming, chairman of the HKR International Ltd., took over the Discovery Bay Development Plans with the goal of building a town that could house 25,000 people. Over the years, Discovery Bay has evolved into a community boasting a high quality of life.

Being a “privately developed” town means that all infrastructure and projects in the area — from roads, running water and electricity, to government facilities such as a fire station, police station, subsidised schools and community meeting halls — are all built by private companies. As a result, Discovery Bay is home to Hong Kong's first privately-owned reservoir, and the first toll tunnel constructed by private developer, the Discovery Bay Tunnel.

Away from the city bustle, developers were mindful of reserving the area's natural beauty during construction. Discovery Bay offers residents a peaceful living environment and a variety of facilities; Discovery Bay Plaza and DB North Plaza have a string of retail shops as well as the largest indoor children's playground in Hong Kong. There are hiking trails that link Discovery Bay to various parts of Lantau Island; the famous 400-metre-long Tai Pak Beach, a privately- managed man-made beach, can also be found in Discovery Bay.

With a well-developed maritime transport system, Discovery Bay includes a 24-hour ferry service that provides a pleasant 25-minute journey between Central Pier 3 and Discovery Bay Pier, and kai-to services to and from Peng Chau (transfer to Cheung Chau and Hei Ling Chau), Mui Wo, Our Lady of Joy Abbey and more. On land, the Discovery Bay Tunnel connects to the Lantau Link, linking Discovery Bay to all areas of Hong Kong. Shuttle buses to the airport, Sunny Bay MTR Station and Tung Chung MTR Station are available, as are helipads for emergencies. It's worth noting that one end of the in-construction Hong Kong–zhuhai–macao Bridge is located near the Discovery Bay Tunnel Toll Plaza, which will make it quicker for residents to travel to Macao and Guangdong in the future.

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