Don’t overlook lighting as part of your interior décor; here are some exceptional pieces to choose from.不要看輕家中的燈光裝置,那是室內設計的一部分,這些別致的燈飾可令家居更亮麗。


Melt Surface Lamp HK$5,800 from Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon has collaborated with Swedish design collective FRONT to create this interesting lamp in a radical, distorted shape. Crafted from blow-moulded polycarbonate with a semi-metallised interior, this solid blob will transform into a luminous translucent orb when lit up. No doubt an interesting conversational piece.這盞外形有趣、前衛、表面凹凸不平的 燈是由Tom Dixon與瑞典

設計巨擘FRONT 手合作創製,外形堅實的 燈,採用吹塑聚碳酯製成,內部以半金屬化處理,亮著時猶如個會發光的透明球體,毫無疑問是件話題之作。

Lean on Me table lamp HK$3,939 from Boconcept

Inject a subtle touch of quirkiness to your home décor with this lamp. Curiously tilted to the side, it constantly seems on the edge of toppling over and at the same time provides a stream of light that shines outwards instead of merely straight down. This is the “Leaning Tower of Lamps”.

這盞 燈會為家居裝飾帶來點點令人驚艷的感覺,設計向一面傾斜,而且好像快要傾倒在邊緣,但燈光向外散射,而不是照著下方,這是 燈中的「斜塔」。

Antler Flowers 6-Lights Hanging Lamp HK$6,980 from Tequila Kola

Celebrate the beauty of mother nature with this twist on a hanging chandelier. The aluminium brushed body is shaped in the image of deer antlers while the traditional candelabra is replaced with six lampshades, each with a different floral pattern. Each piece will be made differently so it is one-of-a-kind. Fans of maximalism will undoubtedly covet this.這盞吊燈的設計用以歌頌大自然美態,塑造成鹿角形狀的鋁金屬燈架,打破傳統,安上六個燈罩,每個都有不同的花卉圖案,個個獨一無二,嚮往多即是美的人一定會喜歡這個設計。

Knotty Bubbles Chandelier HK$216,780 from Decor8

Heavily inspired by Japanese packaging and maritime culture, Knotty Bubbles is a sculptural light made of hand-blown glass globes tied together with knotted rope. The handmade nature of this functional art piece ensures that each product is unique. The Knotty Bubbles collection is from USA brand Roll & Hill and created by Lindsey Adelman.

Knotty Bubbles吊燈的設計靈感來自日本包裝藝術和海事文化,把人手吹製的燈泡以繩結縛在一起,猶如一件雕塑品。由於每件均為人手製作,所以每件都是獨一無二的。Knotty Bubbles系列由lindsey Adelman創作,美國品牌Roll & Hill出產。

Vintage Movie Floor Lamp HK$11,980 from Tequila Kola

One for the film and photography buffs. This retro-looking lamp is clearly fashioned after an old-school movie reel projector. Made with sheesham lacquered wood and powder-coated steel brass, we reckon this would fit perfectly if your home already has an exposed brick loft aesthetic. This would also look great displayed with a collection of old photographs on your walls.這是專為喜愛電影及攝影人士而設,這盞座地燈以古董電影放映機為藍本,充滿懷舊及復古風,以上了漆的杉木和磨砂黃銅製成,最適合放在以磚牆裝飾的工業風家居中,如果牆上掛滿舊相片,真是相得益彰。

Cirque Medium Pendant Light HK$5,600 by Louis Poulsen

A cheerful play between colour and form, this eye-catching pendant light was designed by Clara Von Zweigbergk. Its dome shape and striped façade is not unlike its eponymous circus tent, lending your interiors a spot of childish charm with soft, glare-free light. Also available in another colour scheme.

由Clara Von Zweigbergk 設計的吊燈,形狀有趣,顏色明亮,十分耀目,球狀外形和間條圖案,確實有如馬戲團的帳篷,燈光柔和令居所散發一抹輕鬆的孩子氣。吊燈還有其他顏色選擇。

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