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Vintage lovers, this one’s for you. We gather some of the most unique antique pieces around.喜歡懷舊古物的人,不要錯過以下精選的精緻古董。


We gather some of the most unique antique pieces around town. 喜歡懷舊古物的人,不要錯過以下精選的精緻古董。

1950s Sofa 1950年代梳化 HK$58,000 from Casa Capriz

This 50s four-seater sofa was manufactured by ISA and reupholstered in a deep grey silk velvet. Its slightly scalloped, Art Deco-inspired aesthetic makes a stunning backdrop for photos and portraiture. Otherwise, the sofa is soft and plush—a perfect piece to simply lounge around on. Velvet furniture requires a little extra looking out for, but the comfort and visual appeal is worth it.這張梳化於50年代由ISA製成,再重新鋪上深灰色絨面,有少許磨損的缺口,帶有裝飾藝術風格的美感,可襯作一般照片或人像特寫的背景。梳化面柔軟舒適,適合坐臥,絲絨需要花一些心思來打理,但有這麼美麗和舒適的座椅,實在值得。

Drinks Cabinet 酒櫃 HK$40,000 from Casa Capriz

Designed by Milan-trained Paolo Buffa, this gorgeous dark wood cabinet originates from Italy circa 1940s. It features an exterior lock, mirrored interiors, six drawers, two mirrored trays and a locked compartment. The warm gold accents lend the piece a distinctly luxurious feel. Would you feel like Jay Gatsby with this drinks cabinet in a place of honour within your study?由在米蘭受訓的Paolo Buffa設計,於1940年代採用深色的木材製作,櫃門有一個外露的鎖,內裡有一面鏡,六個抽屜,兩個光面托盤,及一個可上鎖的儲存櫃,暖暖的金黃色令酒櫃添豪華感。你想不想像Jay Gatsby般把酒櫃放到書房最當眼的地方呢?

Salocchi side tables Salocchi茶几 HK$70,000 from L's Where

Designed by Claudio Salocchi for Sormani Edited by Bernini, this pair of 1960s side tables channel a modern aesthetic beautifully. Each piece features smooth tops and detailed legs. The tables remain in very good vintage condition, with age-appropriate wear such as miniscule scratches consistent with use. These would look great in a study or even as a small bar area for displaying bottles and glasses.

由Claudio Salocchi為bernini的sormani Edited設計,這對在1960年代生產的茶几,卻帶有現代風格的美感,檯面十分平滑,檯腳設計十分精緻,而且茶几保存良好,只有少許刮花的痕跡,更添古舊感,可以放在書房,或用作擺放酒瓶和玻璃酒杯,成為迷你酒吧。 Antique wedding cabinet 古董儲物櫃 HK$12,990 from Bowerbird Home This cabinet is a majestic piece of furniture that is both stylish and functional. Finished in slightly distressed lacquer with a striking brass plate, handles and intricate carvings, it would look great in a chinoiserie-inspired home. Traditionally, wedding cabinets were often the centrepiece of a bride's dowry; today, it works best as a stunning decorator's piece. Available in black or white.這件家具既時尚又實用,仿古漆面配奪目的黃銅片、黃銅手環和細緻的雕刻,甚富氣派,與中式裝飾風格的家居相輔相成。這款傳統的儲物櫃,通常用作嫁妝,但今天已成為一件奪目的裝飾品。可選黑色或白色。

Boulle games table Boulle遊戲檯 HK$52,000 from Authentiques Asia

A 19th century Napoleon III ormolu-mounted piece, this stunning table is ebonised with bronze marquetry. Thanks to clever French craftsmanship, the top folds open and swivels to rest as a square table most suitable for cards and games. When closed, this handmade work of art also makes a stunning side table. The inside is lined with green felt cloth, and the piece is in a very good condition. Authentiques stocks their products on 1stdibs, and also deals directly.這張19世紀拿破崙三世時期的遊戲檯,由法國巧手工匠以人手細心雕琢而成,採用光亮的烏木製成,再飾以鍍金片及鑲嵌上古銅細節,打開襯以綠色絨布的檯面,轉出來可用作玩撲克牌及其他桌上遊戲,把檯面合起來,就是一張華麗的茶几。這張遊戲檯保存得十分好,你可以透過1stdibs或直接與authentiques購買他們的產品。

Antique leather trunk 古董皮革箱 HK$6,990 from Bowerbird Home

This rare find is a 1940s Chinese leather trunk in a distressed finish with cotton lining inside. Aside from being a nifty storage space, it can also be used as a bedside table, particularly if you stack up a few similar pieces. Left open, it can even make a quirky bed for a pet. The possibilities for this pre-loved piece are endless, even in a second life.這是1940年代的款式,以仿古純棉作夾裡,除了有精緻的儲存空間外,更可把幾個皮箱疊起來用作茶几。打開皮箱則可讓寵物睡在箱內,用途確實千變萬化。

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