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Our picks of beautiful autumnal pieces for the classy home. 天氣漸涼,是時候向大家介紹一些美麗裝飾品為優雅家居換秋裝。

Our picks of beautiful autumnal pieces for the classy home.天氣漸涼,是時候向大家介紹一些美麗裝飾品為優雅家居換秋裝。

LEAF Two-seater Sofa樹葉圖案兩座位梳化HK$10,980 from Tequila Kola tequilakola.com

Autumn, with its drifting leaves marking the end of the heat, is very much a time for reminiscence and nostalgia. This charming sofa echoes such a feeling with its retro vibe, calling to mind the 60s. Restrained flamboyance would be the words to describe its earthy colours and quirky print providing fluid contrasts. A stylish little treasure.秋天,隨風飄散的落葉標誌著炎熱天氣結束,是回憶和懷緬過去的合適時間。這款迷人的梳化以其復古設計與秋天感覺相呼應,讓人不自覺地回想起60年代。大地色系與趣怪圖案相配合,令梳化產生一種既含蓄但又華麗的強烈對比。一件能令家居更時尚的傢具。

Sunburst Mirror – Antique Iron Gold金色古董鑄鐵太陽框鏡HK$4,990 from Bowerbird Home bowerbird-home.com

One could interpret the motif of this mirror as either a sun with rays beaming out or as a sunflower. Either way, they've named it well as the warm gold colour and shape calls to mind a cozy heat—perfect for these gradually cooling days. You'll look at this mirror in the dead of winter and be reminded of warmer climes.這面鏡子的造型像太陽散發的光線,又像太陽花,無論如何,暖和的金色及其造型都會令人記起和暖舒適的日子,在寒冬看到這鏡子,教人感覺暖暖的。

Ginkgo Bone China Espresso Cup and Saucer銀杏葉圖案骨瓷意大利咖啡杯HK$780 from Shanghai Tang shanghaitang.com

This dainty espresso cup, elegant in its detailing, has a refined ginkgo leaf pattern expressed in gold which is a symbol of peace and vitality. If nothing else, its warm hues and nature motif should echo the feeling of stepping into the autumn season and will allow you to enjoy your morning caffeine in style.這款纖巧的意大利咖啡杯,綴以金線繪成的銀杏葉圖案,細節精美優雅;銀杏以其美態及適應力見稱,更是和平和活力的象徵。咖啡杯採用暖和的色調及自然圖案,散發秋天的色彩,讓你一清早可以時尚的方式品嚐咖啡。

Rainforest Leaf Tray雨林葉造型托盤HK$1,160 from Lane Crawford lanecrawford.com.hk

Here's a touch of green that remains vivacious in autumn. Resembling a lone leaf lying on the floor of a rainforest, this tray from Michael Aram is crafted from gold-toned metal for a vibrant look. Enamelled in green for added shine, this is a decorative and functional piece full of character to pass down the generations. Each leaf is individually handcrafted and therefore one of a kind.為秋天添一片生動活潑的綠葉。由Michael Aram匠心打造的托盤,猶如雨林中一片孤單的落葉,以矚目的金色金屬製造,鑲以光亮的綠色琺瑯,既可作裝飾品,亦具實用價值,可作為傳家之寶。每片葉子均獨立以人手製作,片片獨一無二。

Patterned Leather Pouf圖案皮革坐墊HK$4,490 from Indigo Living indigo-living.com

To avoid the minimalist trend making your home look too stark, incorporate some organic motifs into your décor. Angular patterns are laid out with a mix of grey hair on leather, ranging from cream to deep grey tones. This ottoman lends an exotic elegance with its everlasting appeal and will make a comforting piece in a warm home. Lovingly handcrafted by expert artisans in India, each piece will be unique.以簡約設計為主的家居,需要有些自然圖案作佈置才不會看來太刻板。這款印有淺棕、淺灰及深灰色幾何圖案的皮革坐墊,由印度的專業工匠以人手製作,每件都是獨一無二,散發一股異國情調,魅力歷久常新,更為家居帶來一點暖意。

Carved Dragon Humidor M雕刻龍紋雪茄盒HK$39,800 from Shanghai Tang shanghaitang.com

Created in collaboration with artist Jacky Tsai, this elegant cigar humidor is handcrafted from cedar wood and has a highly polished lacquer finish. The intricately carved dragon design is inspired by traditional lacquerware but also boasts Tsai's distinctive floral flourishes. A humidifier and hygrometer are included inside, and a metal dragon keeps the box locked. This exquisite statement piece is a limited edition only five pieces are available worldwide.這個雅緻的雪茄盒是上海灘與藝術家蔡贇驊合作的設計,材質為雪松木,以人手雕刻而成,最後塗以典雅的漆面。盒身雕以巨龍,靈感來自中國傳統的雕刻漆器,但龍身的花卉圖案,正正是蔡贇驊設計的特色。盒內裝有濕度調節器及濕度計,以及金屬龍形鎖扣。此款雪茄盒為限量版,全球只有五個。

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