Lac­quer Art from Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dy­nas­ties


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As the birth­place of Chi­nese lac­quer art, Zhe­jiang boasts a long his­tory of mak­ing lac­quer­ware that dates back to the Neolithic Age, as proved by the lac­quer bowls un­earthed from the Kuahuqiao Site in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou and the lac­quer bowls from the He­mudu site in Yuyao, Ningbo. The lac­quer crafts­man­ship of Zhe­jiang reached its zenith in the North­ern and South­ern Song pe­riod of China, with Hangzhou and Wen­zhou serv­ing as the coun­try’s two pro­duc­tion hubs. In the Yuan Dy­nasty (12711368), Hangzhou and Ji­ax­ing rose to be fa­mous lac­quer pro­duc­tion cen­ters. The ex­hibits, chron­i­cally ar­ranged, show the un­par­al­leled artistry of the lac­quer masters of the Song and Yuan years of China.

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