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Do you spend £51 ($67.4) or more each time you pur­chase some­thing? If so, you are con­tribut­ing to a new ris­ing power group dubbed "su­per shop­pers". A re­cent sur­vey by World­pay, a Lon­don­based com­pany that pro­vides pay­ment prod­ucts and ser­vices, looked into the spend­ing habits of this high-spend­ing, high­fre­quency on­line shop­ping group that is val­ued as a gold mine for re­tail­ers world­wide.

Cov­er­ing 20,000 peo­ple in 10 coun­tries, the on­line sur­vey found that "su­per shop­pers"who ac­count for just 13 per­cent of the com­bined pop­u­la­tion of these coun­tries - spent on an av­er­age £157 billion a month as com­pared with the £145.5 billion spent by the rest of the pop­u­la­tion in 2015.

The sur­vey shows that many of the “su­per shop­pers” are from emerg­ing mar­kets such as Mex­ico and Brazil. In China, the buy­ing power of its "su­per shop­pers”, who ac­count for only about five per­cent of the to­tal pop­u­la­tion, con­trib­ute a whop­ping 87 per­cent of the coun­try's on­line shop­ping rev­enue, largely be­cause of the rise of the coun­try's af­flu­ent mid­dle class.

The sur­vey said that 40 per­cent of Chi­nese "su­per shop­pers" bought clothes on­line the last time they shopped as com­pared with a global av­er­age of 28 per­cent. In the space of 12 months, 13 per­cent went on­line for food take-aways - the high­est rate in the world. The coun­try is also an in­dis­putable leader of mo­bile pay­ment in­no­va­tion, with 33 per­cent of its pop­u­la­tion us­ing smart­phone for pay­ment.

Tim Deni­son, di­rec­tor of re­tail in­tel­li­gence at IP­SOS, a research and con­sult­ing firm head­quar­tered in Paris, said in a news re­lease: "This study is the lat­est ev­i­dence to con­firm the emer­gence of the so-called on­line 'su­per shop­per'. "They are not syn­ony­mous with the su­per­rich, how­ever. They are pas­sion­ate about what they buy and so­phis­ti­cated in how they shop, tak­ing the time and trou­ble to research the best prod­ucts and find the mMoOstN­coTmHpet­i­tive prices avail­able, rel­ish­ing the process as well as the out­put," he added. (Source: China Daily)

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