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1.For­eign ex­perts re­cruit­ment in Zhe­jiang prov­ince:

a. Re­cruit­ment and dis­patch of English teach­ers and other sub­ject ex­perts b. TEFL cer­tifi­cate train­ing c. In­surance ser­vices d. Com­pany train­ing cour­ses

2. Visa ser­vices in Zhe­jiang prov­ince:

a. For new ap­pli­cants b. For those chang­ing jobs c. For ex­ten­sion/ re­newal d. 3-year work­ing visa e. Work visa (Z), Busi­ness visa (M), non­com­merce visa (F), fam­ily visa (Q1/ Q2), tourist visa (L), pri­vate visa (S1/S2), study visa (X1/X2)

3. Com­pany set up, al­ter­na­tion and can­cel­la­tion in Zhe­jiang prov­ince in­clud­ing:

a. Wholly owned for­eign en­ter­prise (WOFE) b. For­eign rep­re­sen­ta­tive of­fice (RO) c. Joint-Ven­ture com­pany d. Monthly book­keep­ing and tax ser­vices

4. Other ser­vices:

a. House, of­fice and car rental, driver’s li­cense ap­pli­ca­tion b. Trans­la­tion c. Le­gal con­sult­ing d. More job post

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