A Coastal Map of Seven Prov­inces

Drawn by Chen Lun­jiong in 1726 in the Yongzheng years of the Qing Dy­nasty

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The first coastal map to in­clude the im­age of a ce­les­tial sphere, it uses five colours and free­hand brush­work to de­pict the ter­ri­to­rial wa­ters of seven prov­inces in China’s Qing times, with am­ple de­tails about strate­gic posts, city walls and moats, courier sta­tions, vil­lages, towns, is­lands, sub­merged reefs and es­tu­ar­ies vividly la­beled.The vast coastal ter­ri­tory of the Qing dy­nasty, that stretched from to­day’s Shenyang in Liaon­ing Prov­ince to Guang­dong Prov­ince in the south, is laid out in an ar­tis­ti­cally beau­ti­ful com­po­si­tion.

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