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China's Sina Weibo social media plat­form is now of­fi­cially worth more than Twit­ter—the plat­form it copied. Weibo lands at around 11.35 bil­lion USD while Twit­ter flits in at the slightly lower 11.34 bil­lion USD. The fact that the Chi­nese in­ter­net au­thor­i­ties blocked Twit­ter ac­cess in 2009 has cer­tainly been a boon to Weibo, but Twit­ter has been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing prob­lems for quite awhile, in­clud­ing in­abil­ity to add new users. The short story is that Weibo is on the up and Twit­ter is on the out; at its height, Twit­ter was worth 40 bil­lion USD. While Weibo is safe from al­most all in­ter­na­tional com­peti­tors due to the block­ing of pretty much ev­ery in­ter­na­tional social media plat­form in China (ex­cept Linkedin, ob­vi­ously), it's got its work cut out when it comes to Wechat—and its 800 mil­lion users, on­line shop­ping, and the ever-pop­u­lar Wechat Wal­let. Weibo could be com­ing to a peak, but its pre­de­ces­sor is def­i­nitely fall­ing be­hind. – T.R.

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