Break­ing Brother dragon

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Brother Dragon is a re­spected rowdy ghost. He grad­u­ated from an in­sti­tute of phys­i­cal ed­u­ca­tion and has been work­ing in the night mar­ket for more than a decade. He used to be the hired thug of a nearby pro­duce mar­ket and got a foothold in the al­co­hol busi­ness, which meant he could con­trol his own lit­tle mar­ket mo­nop­oly.

But, where there is money, there are turf wars. In spite of his years of con­trol and clout, be­fore I left the night mar­ket, a gang of younger and tougher ghosts rushed from a minibus one night, each with water­melon knives, to fight Brother Dragon's crew. Both par­ties agreed not to call the po­lice; pri­son was the last thing any of them wanted. The fight didn't last long and one young man's wrist ten­dons were slashed, but there wasn't much in the way of ac­tual blood­shed.

Brother Dragon's gang, how­ever, was de­feated. In the fol­low­ing days, the win­ners be­gan their pro­mo­tion of a new brand of beer. The de­feated Brother Dragon could only stand next to heaps of his beer boxes stacked in the cor­ner of the night mar­ket, curs­ing the new pa­trons.

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