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1. Chop the pork finely, and soak it in cold wa­ter for half an hour.

2. Drain the minced pork, then add the egg white, salt, starch, spring onion, gin­ger, and wa­ter, mix­ing fully into meat paste.

3. Chop the fish finely, add salt and starch, and stir well. 4. Mix the pork paste and the fish to­gether.

5. Whisk the eggs. Pour some vegetable oil into a pan, and fry eggs into a thin omelet.

6. Roll the meat mix­ture into the omelet, and cut it into thin slices around three cen­time­ters wide.

7. Grease a plate with the lard, place the pre­pared slices onto it (don’t for­get to make it into a dragon shape). Steam for 15 min­utes.

8. Driz­zle dish with some chicken broth if you like, or just serve as is.

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