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The wedge de­sign proved its worth in the open­ing bout of the semi-fi­nals of the 2016 feath­er­weight cham­pi­onship in Shang­hai, when wedge-shaped bot Ugly-I went up against Thun­der­bolt Cy­clone. An oc­tagon-shaped plat­form on wheels, Thun­der­bolt Cy­clone had a spin­ning bar on top, much like a he­li­copter’s ro­tor. As soon as the match be­gan, Thun­der­bolt Cy­clone be­gan spin­ning, its ro­tor also rapidly left ro­tat­ing.

Ap­prox­i­mately ten sec­onds into the match, Ugly-1 had rammed its wedge un­der­neath Thun­der­bolt Cy­clone, then launched its spring-loaded top to send its op­po­nent onto its back, knock­ing it out for the count. Ugly-1 then in­ten­tion­ally flipped it­self over onto its back us­ing the force of its spring, then back onto its wheels, as if to demon­strate con­tempt for ro­bots that get stuck on their backs.

Ugly-1 went on to give the same treat­ment to its next op­po­nent Indigo Dragon, launch­ing its op­po­nent over the arena bar­ri­ers.

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