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The fi­nal of the feath­er­weight cham­pi­onship had Lit­tle Beelzebub against Gagoo Snake, and on this oc­ca­sion, Gagoo Snake’s more elab­o­rate de­sign paid off. A far more im­pos­ing ro­bot, Gagoo Snake boasts sta­bi­liz­ing spikes on its front so that its mas­sive jaw-crane de­vice can clamp down a smaller op­po­nent, and main­tain bal­ance while pick­ing it up and hold­ing it in place. The strat­egy was to back Lit­tle Beelzebub up against a wall, then force its clamp around the faster ro­bot’s body and pick it up. Even­tu­ally, af­ter be­ing dan­gled a few times, Lit­tle Beelzebub seemed to go limp in its op­po­nents jaw, and sim­ply stop mov­ing. Af­ter it was sep­a­rated from Gagoo Snake the match re­sumed all the way to the timer, but Gagoo Snake had clearly demon­strated its su­pe­ri­or­ity.

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