Chapter V Cangyangjiacuo died in Qinghai Lake

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In 1705 In July of Tibetan calendar, Lazanghan ,descendant of Hushihan ofMongolian Ministry killed Diba Sangjiejiacuo. In 1706, in reason of "true and false reincarnation", Cangyangjiacuodied of illness on the way to the capital Beijingin Qinghai early 1707. A Memorandom written by the dietary officer Luozhuiwangjiurecords in detail how Cangyangjiacuo leave Lhasa, passing the Yangbajing, Nagqu, climbing over the Tanggula, and then to Gongganuoerin Qinghai Lake and the whole process of the death.It is undoubtedlythe record of the lonely version with high historical value. Written by Luo Hongzhong

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