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明丽色彩和优美线条相辅相成,为素净的空间添了一抹亮色。Bright colours and elegant lines accentuate each other, making even the plainest of spaces energetic and lively.

本页起顺时针CLOCKWISE FROM THIS PAGE Zaha Hadid扎哈 · 哈迪德“Series 7”Chair “系列7”椅子LAURA SPRING “Disruption” Cushion“破碎”靠垫NADA DEBS “Pilot”Kitchen Stool “试验”厨房凳HARVEY K. LITTLETON哈维 ·利特尔顿Ruby Conical Intersection with Amber Sphere红宝石锥形交叉与琥珀球

斜椅小憩,梦游艳美花园Taking a rest and imagine taking a stroll through a beautiful garden

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