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music. If you're interested in Chicago blues, be sure to visit during the annual Chicago Blues Festival.

One of the first rock and roll songs was Maybellene by Chuck Berry, who had travelled to Chicago where he met Muddy Waters. The rock sound was born when he took the electric guitar and put it at the centre of the music.

The ‘Chicago style' of jazz was brought to the city from New Orleans by people like Jelly Roll Morton, jazz's first arranger, and Louis Armstrong, whose recordings marked the transition of original New Orleans jazz to a more sophisticated type of improvised music with more emphasis on solo choruses, faster tempos, string bass and guitar (replacing the traditional tuba and banjo) and saxophones.

When Chicago musicians started playing four beat measures, they laid the foundation for the swing era. The Lindy Hop was originally danced to four beat Chicago style jazz and went on to become one of the iconic features of the swing era.

Speaking of four beat - the city is also the birthplace of ‘House' music, which is now infused in pop music around the world. House music, defined by its 4x4 beat, originated in a Chicago nightclub called The Warehouse, from where it took its name. DJ Frankie Knuckles popularized house music at the club and became known as ‘The Godfather of House Music.'

Metro is one of Chicago's legendary venues, and music greats like Bob Dylan, James Brown, Prince, and Nirvana have all performed here, while in its basement you will find the Smart Bar, home to top-notch electronic music talent, with past visitors include said Chicago house pioneer Frankie Knuckles.

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