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This is the city that spawned The Beatles, the biggest selling and most influential music group of all time. Liverpool has been recognized as a ‘City of Music' by the United Nations and in 2001 the Guinness Book of Records declared Liverpool the ‘City of Pop' due to the many number one records to have come out of the city.

The Beatles emerged from the ‘Merseybeat' scene that developed in Liverpool during the early 1960s. Merseybeat provided many important developments in pop and rock music, including the format of the rock band as we know it today, with lead, rhythm and bass guitars with drums. If you're a Beatles fan be sure to go to the Cavern Club where they started out, and maybe skip the tour of their old houses unless you're really really keen.

One of the biggest selling songs of the 1980s was by Liverpudlian band Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Their song Relax courted controversy with its sexually suggestive lyrics, and also gave rise to the iconic ‘Frankie Says Relax' t-shirt.

Often thought of as the birthplace of many a music scene, London is an eclectic mix of cultures and influences, and the music here is a melting pot unlike any other.

Some of the biggest names in music started out in London, from the Rolling Stones, to the punk scene's Sex Pistols. Over the last decade or two, London has spawned new music styles, including the rise of ‘Dubstep' and ‘grime', which combine elements of various music styles that have been stewing in London for several years, including 2-step garage, broken beat, jungle, and dub.

Visit Camden, where the vibe is generally more goth and ‘alternative' (and the market here is where you will find the necessary attire for these scenes), but it is also home to The Jazz Café. The much-publicized closed-and-reopened Fabric nightclub has in the past been voted best in the world and is essential for any electronic music fan.

One of Europe's finest music capitals, Berlin's has great classical music, with three major opera houses, and the Berlin Philharmonic is one of the finest orchestras in the world.

Back in the 1970s, Berlin was also home to an influential punk and rock scene. West Berlin's stark art-music scene influenced artists like Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie, who lived there in 1976 and recorded his atmospheric Heroes in the city.

Above all, however, the city has embraced electronic music, with a plethora of record labels, world famous clubs, and artists based in the city. Since the early electronic experiments of ‘krautrock', Berlin has become one of the key cities for any techno music or electro music aficionado. Head to the Kreuzberg area, which once inspired those old rockers, and is now full of clubs, galleries, and hip people.

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