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Research has found that the cheaper the ice-cream you buy at the freezer, the more air you would get in your bucket due to cost cutting measures. Good icecream melts in your mouth, without any chewing or ice crystals to grind your teeth on. It's supposed to be as delicate as natural yoghurt, nothing like that milk foam on your latte.好的冰淇淋入口即化,口感绵实细腻,仿佛天然的发酵酸奶。但如果你愿意尝试一回超市中的开架冰淇淋,就会发现:越是廉价的工业冰淇淋,被注入的空气也就越多。虽然这样降低了冰淇淋的生产成本,但吃起来也像在咀嚼拿铁上的那层奶泡,空口发腻。

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