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Round neck T-shirts, sleeveless tops or tanks are not on the approved list.Opt for collared and sleeved shirts. If you feel chilly, simply add on wool vests or pro jackets. While ladies's tops vary differently,they should also adhere to a sense of modesty, which defintely exclude tube tops or the trendy bathing suit tops. 传统的高尔夫球场最欢迎的就是长裤,其次则是百慕大式短裤,也就是偏商务便装的齐膝短裤。女性的选择种类虽然相应增多,但选择时最好还是以裤装为先。如果天气炎热,专业的高尔夫球裙就是膝盖以上最得体的选择。记得,永远不要穿牛仔裤、超短裤。蔑视高尔夫的运动精神可不是什么很酷的事儿。Conventional golf courses welcome full-length pants the most, and then the Bermuda-length shorts, aka knee-length business casual. Though ladies' choices would increase accordingly, pants remain the best option. If the weather is too hot, a professional golf dress would be the most decent choice. Remember; do not ever think about the denims or cutoffs. 打球的着装礼仪当然不会拘泥于特定款式。不过,考虑到这是一项会使你长时间站立的运动,我们还是建议你选一双吸汗、舒适的专业高尔夫袜。而长度有两种可选:穿短裤时,球手们都偏好配“隐形”的低帮袜或船袜,不过更传统一些的筒袜也一样不会出错——即使花哨一点也不碍事。

Appropriate golf attire don't confine you to such specific socks. But considering long time of standing, we still suggest professional golf socks so that the advanced fibres can keep your feet dry and comfortable. Pair shorts with ankle-length socks, or occasionally go for tube socks.A little bit showy is acceptable at the right length.

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