时装设计艺术风格纷繁多变。设计师眼光不同,理念也各异,设计手法自然是众彩纷呈。 Fashion design never stops changing. Designers vary in their perspectives and concepts as well as the approaches of their design.

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Design is creating from zero to everything. It requires the participants to be extremely creative. Dedicated designers must rely on themselves to secure a promising career. For instance, the current creative director of Gucci leaves us an artistic impression, while Lanvin’s director is right on his way to develop the Spring/Summer collection, which is injected with novel design concepts. Browsing the portfolios of the designers is having conversations with those creative souls.


Travelling has always been a source of inspiration. For fashion designers it’s no exception. This year, Fendi’s Spring/Summer ladies’ collection visualises travel impressions onto clothes. The portfolio displays the charm of the globe – from the Italian futurism clashing with tropical elements, to the passionate and colourful Caribbean styles.

Take a look at the colours: they are the colours of the sea, the coral and the sand. Representative pieces stretch the lines from shoulder straight to the waist, where they neatly meet and conclude, followed by glorious pieces of dress. Layers of transparent texture are printed with symmetric stripes and checkers, and you can spot them on the organza shirts, rugby Polo shirts and knitwear, matched by the





trendy candy-striped shorts and corsages.

The denim windbreaker and strapless poplin outwear tighten the figure lines at the hip joint; the striped denim and cotton dress adopt high-waist design. The sequins create shining visual effects, while the combination of forest elements, fur and silk presents marvelous craftsmanship. As of the shoes, holed flats, along with tie-less shoes are decorated with rivets and vines. The sock boots, however, mix the “F” logo with futuristic patterns.

Meanwhile, Mon Trésor debuted their first handbag collection in their 2018 Spring/Summer season. The “shopping basket” handbag adopts luxurious leather with metal pearls as decoration; while the brand-new catwalk handbag is featured by transparent cross patterns and vine-shaped handles. Kan I F’s handbags return to fringe decorations and the Strap You handles. The monkey and banana patterns, along with the “Bao-bug” logos, further strengthen the Caribbean style of the series.


The country that once initiated Renaissance never ignores the presence of style. Fulvio Rigoni’s Savatore Ferragamo 2018 Spring/Summer Collection embraces the grace of female and uses every means to show their charisma. Inspired by those celebrities that once wore Ferragamo’s delicate shoes, to name a few, Greta Garbo, Carmen Miranda, Brigitte Bardot, Eva Peron, and Marilyn Monroe, the collection aims to “applause for those women that created the vivid styles of their own and presented the uniqueness of the female sex,” said the creative director.

Sticking to the dominating concept, this season Ferragamo introduced a series of independently crafted works, which combines different styles of figures, textures, stamps and concepts together. The designer was inspired from a huge span of time – the pencil profile in the 1920s, the fringes in the 1930s, and the flared trousers from 1950s to 1970s – and constructed the story under the guidance of feminism, textures and colours. Each story is different, while each element is a surprising experience.

As of the colour tone, the series mainly concerns geranium pink, emerald green, bright red and plum purple, also with gentle pink and white colours. Meanwhile, texture is also a highlight in the series. Crocheted Chinese cotton and loose trousers create knitting effects; while the snake pattern on suede leather provides a mysterious semi-transparent effect.

The stamps are amazingly imaginative and creative: the stripes are facilitated with 3D effects, varying in different angles; the floral prints emerge as giant flowers blossoming on the sides, also work as the dominating theme of the whole piece; some even create X-rayed effects through layers of yarns. They are presented on dresses, upper wear and nightgowns, to transfer the elegance that only stays in summer.

Knitwear is highlighted with expertise in craftsmanship. The participance of ornaments adds a perfect finish to the leather collection. The purses are still signified with the golden or silver Gancini buttons. The handle is styled in the shape of bracelets as fashionable spotlights. The geometrical totes and fanny packs are coloured in chocolate brown. No matter the elastic boots, or the sandals and mules, the symbolic “Floral Heel” and “Birdcage Heel” could both been found. This is how the designer customizes for the ladies to show their unique charm.



同时,Mon Trésor手袋在2018春夏系列T台上首次亮相,这个“购物篮”形状的手袋采用了异域风情的奢华皮质,并以金属珍珠结彩装饰;全新的秀款手提袋则采用透明格呢网眼和圆形藤编提手设计。Kan I F手袋再次回归拉菲草流苏装饰和Strap You的叶状麂皮提手。猴子、香蕉和Bao-bug标识,更加凸显出该系列浓郁的加勒比海度假风情。


文艺复兴的国度从来不缺风骨,由Fulvio Rigoni所创作的 Salvatore Ferragamo2018春夏系列便旨在颂扬女性,升华她们千面的风格、个性和美丽。设计灵感来自那些穿过品牌鞋履独一无二的女子:格里泰·嘉宝、卡门·米兰达、碧姬·芭铎、伊娃· 贝隆和玛丽莲·梦露,那位传奇鞋匠造就了她们优雅的魅力。“世界上没有两个女人是一样的——我想要颂扬女性的个性、风格和生动的色彩,以表达不断升华的女性气质,”设计总监这样表示。

与其理念相似,这一季呈现了许多独立的作品,各种轮廓、纹理、印花和风格态度,根据个人风格自由地混搭组合。设计师从一个巨大的时间框架中汲取灵感—— 20世纪20年代的铅笔廓形、30年代的流苏、50年代的长裙和70年代的喇叭裤——以女性气质、质感和色彩作为叙事的共同主线,每个造型都讲述了不同的故事,皆呈现了令人惊喜的元素。





Abiding by aesthetics, designers drag the attention back to the fashion design itself and ignite the passion through pursuing the on-skin effect. Lanvin’s new collection is presented by the new director Olivier Lapidus. He combines the return of essence and the 21st century trends together. This triggers our memory of Jeanne Lanvin, of her and her daughter on the logo and their lovely stories.

Jeanne absorbed inspiration from the aesthetic elements and infused with her fresh ideas. The series applies many of her favoured colours, including emerald, cherry colour, ruby, nude colour, azure, black, white and gold. Kimono sleeves, pagoda sleeves, butterfly knots, geometrical tailoring, shamrock, semi-transparent materials are all added and redefined to construct the grand image of the series. Meanwhile, the “LANVIN” and initiatives “JL” stamps are featured in Art Deco font, which leaves us an unforgettable impression.

The designs highlight the lightness and vividness of summer. For instance, the asymmetrical one-piece, strapless garments are indeed the representative pieces to show. Pants of all sizes are also dedicated to show the elegance belong to the season. Carefully selected yarns and super-slim wool eventually turn out to be the glorious piece of clothing that everyone is fascinated with…

Meanwhile, the brand-new accessory collection is also incredibly eye-catching. The classic city handbags now transform into electric blue crocodile skin backpacks, and the stylish peep toe boots add a golden touch to the shoe collection. This season Lanvin also covers a range of jewellery, including necklaces, earrings, and golden bracelets. Some are featured with Jeanne Lanvin’s favourite elements (daisy, shamrock), while some represent the Art Deco of the 1930s.


设计师的思路可以沿着文艺的线索攀爬,也可以把视线拉回时装本身,以作品的实穿美感为诉求,点亮设计的激情。Lanvin今年的春夏系列是新任艺术总监Olivier Lapidus操刀的首个系列,在回归品牌本源的同时,又诠释了21世纪潮流风尚。这种纯真的感情令人不得不回忆起Jeanne Lanvin,那位品牌logo上拉着女儿的贵妇婉约形象以及她和女儿之间的动人故事。

新任艺术总监从Jeanne挚爱的美学元素中汲取灵感,并融入别致新意。系列里采用了多个Jeanne钟爱的色彩,包括祖母绿、樱草色、红宝石色、裸色、浅蓝色、黑白和金色等。和服袖、宝塔袖、扭褶袖、喇叭蝴蝶结、几何剪裁、四叶草图案、连体裤、半透明材质——这些Jeanne标志性的设计元素经过重新演绎,贯穿在整个系列之中,打造出极具现代魅力的迷人造型。同时运用装饰艺术 (Art Deco) 字体“LANVIN”和“JL”印花来演绎Jeanne Lanvin的姓名和首字母缩写,令该系列意趣盎然。


同时,精心设计的全新配饰系列同样气韵非凡:经典都市包袋焕新演绎为电光蓝鳄鱼皮背包,独具特色的露趾踝靴为鞋履系列添上点睛之笔……本季系列还包含了多款珠宝作品,包括项链、颈链、耳环、浅金色或钌金色手镯,或融入Jeanne Lanvin珍爱的元素(雏菊、四叶草),或巧妙重释30年代装饰艺术风格,别具动人风致。


Human activities are always related to ideology. So is fashion designing. In this season’s Gucci collection, designer put focus on the ideology. Undoubtedly, creating is a poetic process. It’s sourced from the flow of mind and desire and eventually erupts to carry a brand-new meaning of life. The revolutionary transition carries with the shattering and replacement of traditions. In that way, as Deleuze once said, to create is to defy, that’s the most important thing.

This series focus on presenting the balance of aesthetics. Every single piece vibrates with the power of wisdom. The glorious pleat and leopard print outwear, along with the stamped dress construct the world of clashes of era – where the sexy language popularized in the 1940s bumps into the pastoral design that emerged in later years – creating a new ideology through the combat of time. The square shoulder design again shows new possibilities in presenting dramatic effects in accompany with rich toned colours. Meanwhile, in match with the fascinatingly crafted stamps and diamond-shaped dress, the image reminisces the aristocratic version of Don Quixote.

It is rebellion against stereotypes. As Camus said, one must rebel against the status quo in sacrifice of the existence. In this point, then, every endeavour to challenge the possibilities is critical.

Then, challenge and fight! Fight against the spell of speed, for it leads us unconsciously into the abyss of boredom. Fight against the illusion that misleads us for the sole purpose of novelty. There’s no shortcut as strategy. It requires us with enduring courage, a careful mind alert, and an elegant perspective towards life. This is what Gucci 2018 Spring/Summer collection tries to convince us. It defies absurd rebirth, but sticks to devoted energy in interpreting the depth of beauty.

Cheer and fight! The dark world has been aroused by Heidegger. Fight and eliminate all the dim shades of differences, the clichés and the dictatorship of mono culturalism. Call for the potentials of exploring the world with a bold heart. As of this, we are creating the glorious poetry to anthem personality, we are celebrating the art of our own life, body and soul. Invite yourself to begin the journey of self-transcendence!

It is under such premise that Gucci proposed the challenging “fashion phenomenology”. In the map of a poetically celebrated lifestyle, you find the way to a new life.



这个系列正体现了这种美学的抗衡锻炼。每件服装都颤动着智识的张力,抗衡着制式。百褶长裙华丽,却与形似肩章的颈饰相配,恍若中古武士闯入晚装场合;以红色包边修饰的豹纹外套充满野性暗示,而与之相匹的印花长裙却以轻薄的材质显得如此轻歌曼舞,上世纪40年代流行的性感强势风格与后来田园风光般的清雅设计碰撞在一起,在冲突中塑造新的意识;大廓形方肩的运用在系列中又有了新的方式,系列中运用的高饱和度 色彩又为这种在传统意义上极具权力感的时装风格增添了些许戏剧化的感觉,不再是以往的简约感。同时在极具故事感的印花与菱形踏纹裙搭配下,仿佛勾勒出文艺作品中贵族版的堂·吉诃德。





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