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Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu's "Spring Water" poem describes spring's vividness as passion breaking out like colourful fireworks from the cold, solitude, and silence of winter into warmth, beautiful, and vigour.

As the beginning of the whole year, springtime in the wake of vitality that gives birth to enthusiasm and creativity. In this issue, VANTAGE Magazine invites you to explore the magic of spring, whether it is a new trendy colourful style of make-up with dramatic effects or fashion designers' creativity showcased in S/S 2018.

The poetry of spring is also growing quietly in faraway places. Spain, a vibrant and refined country, where ancient tradition and modernity stand hand in hand, all witnessed in the stirring bullfight, passionate flamenco and guitar ballads. While in Chile, a South American attraction, a country which is itself a history, a legend, a legacy, you will be amazed by the colours of spring colliding here.

If you are not a travel enthusiast, don't worry because spring is right here in Shanghai, an artsy city full of art galleries and exhibitions. Welcome to the "surrealistic society" described by Zang Kunkun, or to see how PSA Super Studio explores the essence of architecture, from industrial design to urban planning, showing its marvelous mysteries. Even if you just stay at home, spring is still all around you, hidden in beautifully arranged flowers and leaves in delicate porcelain vases. Like Dr. Naoko, a Chinese Australian ceramist, you also can integrate the artistic idea and inspiration of nature into life.



春天的诗意在你身上肆意挥洒,也在远方的某个地方静悄悄地发酵酝酿。西班牙,一个既活力四射又温文尔雅的国家:在斗牛表演、弗拉明戈舞蹈、童话般的吉他民谣的激情中激荡艺术; 在高贵的皇宫、肃穆的教堂和城堡里留存一抹历史的余晖;历史的余韵在岁月的深处涌动,也洒落在这个名为“智利”的南美明珠。整座古城就是一段历史、一部传奇、一份遗产,春天的色彩就在这里碰撞。


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