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张成吉吉的设计以冷静、简洁并富有创意而著称。他认为室内设计虽然在材质、造型等方面可以顺应流行趋势,但始终不能远离其最核心的内容,就是实现空间的真正价值和本质。张成吉吉的设计作品常见于一流设计类媒体如《安邸AD》《家居廊》等,亦多次荣获国内、外设计大奖。2006年出版个人作品集《吉吉思空间》。设计之外,张成吉吉更是一个生活艺术家,喜欢随性洒脱、飘逸不羁的生活。他认为,要做一个好设计师,首先一定要做一个好的生活家,爱生活,才能有更多好的作品,这就是张成吉吉的设计秘诀,也是他的生活哲学。 Alessio Zhang is known for his simplistic, neat, and creative designs. He thinks indoor design must stick to the core idea – to realise the true value of space - as the topmost goal. His designs are often covered by mainstream media such as Ad Style and Elle Decoration. Acclaimed both home and abroad, he published his portfolio Alessio’s Space in 2006. Besides designing, Alessio is also a life artist who pursues a naturalistic and free life. He thinks that a good designer must first be a life artist. Only when one is dedicated to the cause of life could he create excellent works of design. He also regards that as his secret to success, as well as his philosophy of life.

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