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从奇异博士到文森特· 梵高,从史蒂芬·霍金到哈姆雷特,甚至到沉迷于智能手机的福尔摩斯——本尼迪克特· 康伯巴奇扮演过的每个角色都具有极强的挑战性,凭借其细腻扎实的演技和辨识度极高的声线,“卷福”康伯巴奇从一个貌不惊人的伦敦露天舞台小角色,一跃成为国际“高智商型性感男神”。

From Doctor Strange to Vincent van Gogh, Stephen Hawking to Hamlet, even a Sherlock Holmes who is addicted to his smartphone. With Benedict Cumberbatch's exquisite acting and highly recognizable voice, “Curly Holmes” Cumberbatch has emerged as an unlikely international sex symbol.


Benedict Cumberbatch is not exactly conventionally handsome. “Blessing of having a weird face. Something between an otter and something that people find vaguely attractive. Or just an otter, which is vaguely attractive.” Every time Cumberbatch talks about his looks in public, he is unfalteringly self-deprecating. However, it is just such a "weird" face that makes many fans around the world crazy, especially female fans. In recent years, Cumberbatch has frequently been listed among the list of “World's Sexiest Faces”, an accolade that Cumberbatch himself finds bemusing, “In all seriousness, I've kind of grown up with this face and it's been in the industry for ten years and now it's getting on these hottie lists, I just gotta go - it doesn't make any sense, because I was nowhere near the thousandth hottest face when I started out. So I know a lot of it is projection, which is flattering for the work I suppose.” Although he is "self-deprecating", he revealed confidence that could not

be concealed from his words. Cumberbatch said frankly he was very happy to receive so much recognition for his looks. “I don't know anyone on earth who doesn't,” he replied tactfully.

The difference between one's success and failure often depends on whether he dares to face up to his own shortcomings. In this respect, Cumberbatch does do a better job than most. Facing all sorts of tricky questions from the media and the Internet, he can always step outside of himself, examine himself from a fresh perspective, and then give people the ingenious and pertinent answer. 41-year-old Cumberbatch said that he was accustomed to harsh self-criticism, so it was not difficult for him to accept the negative of others. Perhaps such way of thinking is exactly why he has the flexibility to play such diverse characters. However, looking at the problem from such a perspective probably benefits from a special life experience.

Born into a prominent family in London, Cumberbatch's great-grandfather was the British ambassador in Turkey and his grandfather was a British Navy Lieutenant Commander who served as submarine commander in the First and Second World Wars. His parents, Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham, are famous British actors. Cumberbatch recalled that he had planned to listen to his parents and become a lawyer, a relatively stable job. However, his love for acting made him choose to study acting at the University of Manchester.

Before the start of the semester, Cumberbatch was invited to teach English at the Tibetan monastery in Darjeeling, India. It was this special five-month experience with the monks that made 19-year-old Cumberbatch feel the magic of meditation. “It was incredible. When you've been that still and contemplative, your sensory awareness is heightened and more sharply focused.” Cumberbatch recalled that the experience taught him that stillness is an essential part of acting. This experience also led him to develop a clear self-knowledge.

Soon, university was over. In 1999, Cumberbatch completed his graduate degree at London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and officially started his career. However, the path of acting after graduation was not paved with flowers and applause, just like his parents had warned. For six months, he didn't get any roles and he had to work in a restaurant to make money. Later, because of his special voice, he did a lot of voice over work. Before his breakthrough role as Sherlock, Cumberbatch had already become an actor used to playing slightly weird characters. Therefore, he used to joke that he was "the protagonist of a small film and a small supporting actor on the big screen.”

In 2010, the Sherlock series premiered on UK's BBC television and rose to international popularity for its modern reimagining of the classic character. Cumberbatch was praised for his vivid image of Sherlock Holmes that he








successfully shaped, which won him the Best Male Lead Award at the Emmy Awards, Golden Satellite Award and more. He was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for Best Male Lead Award, even the director Steven Spielberg praised him as “the man most similar to Sherlock Holmes in screen history". Chinese fans call him "Curly Holmes" because of his curly hair in the show, and because of him, many Chinese fans started to pay attention to the British show.

With Sherlock becoming more and more popular, Cumberbatch set his sights on Hollywood. With solid acting skills and ultra-high consciousness, his popularity began to rise quickly around the world. He starred in the movie Star Trek Into Darkness and the Academy Award winning (Best Movie) 12 Years a Slave. After that, he was awarded the British Artist of the Year Award of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Then he won the Best Male Lead Award for the Hollywood Film Awards and nominated for the Best Male Lead Award for the Oscar Academy Awards, Golden Globe Award, British Academy Film Awards and others because of The Imitation Game. He was on the cover of Time Magazine and was selected as the magazine's annual list of "World's Most Powerful People". In 2015, the Queen of England awarded him the Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Cumberbatch was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and he became one of the judges of the Academy Awards.

Despite the success, Cumberbatch is cautious about it all, “The adoration thing is amazing, but it won't carry on forever, and I want my work to carry on forever.” he said, “I really, really love my job. I love sets. I love crews. I love theaters. I love audiences.” Obviously, for the fans, he is a star. But for him, acting is a lifelong career. Now, Cumberbatch still remembers his “beginner's mind" at the critical point of his career. Although he played a lot of heroes, for Cumberbatch those are just roles. “I never forget that I'm mortal.” he said at last.






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