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Grass swaying in the wind, accompanied by windmills nearby – this relaxing environment is where a collection by ARETE was filmed. When the designers and founder of ARETE were photographing for the collection, they also made a series of short videos, to fully present the ideas of the series. The short videos feature fashion, art, dance, and music, and most importantly, the duality inherited in the collection – the natural concepts and the artificial but delicate details. Meanwhile, the scenes bring audiences to the world where breeze frolics and windmills turn.

In fact, “Windswept” is exactly the theme of this collection. She’s the modern Mulan – bold, powerful, and eager to get rid of the shackles of society. The collection sticks firmly to this concept and practices in-depth discovery of scenes and “protagonists”. In result the duality is presented by the parallel visual elements: “Windswept” is expressed through the swinging grass; while the windmills which symbolize modernity are in accompany with grassland to present the theme of “modernism”. This spectacular collision and contrast explains the designer’s idea toward the relationship between human and nature. Well in this perspective you would notice the contrast through the facial details of models. Eventually a vivid presentation of “dual personality” is born.

While in the short film, the dance presents the amazing art of choreography with the details of each piece of clothes shown. When the force of the dancing figure accumulates to the peak, her ascending legs vivifies the delicate decorations on her bracelet, meanwhile her clothing gives a eloquent touch to the whole moving image. Textured by Italian style stripes, vertical plant stalks and transparent silks, the design exemplify a charming picture of grassland. At the end of the short film, an aerial view records the elegant dancer treading across the grassland. Her swinging hemlines not only reinforce the idea of “Windswept”, but also establish a firm contrast of nature and artificiality – which is one of the initiatives of this dress, and here it succeeds in interpreting this.

从左图起FROM LEFT大片拍摄现场Fashion shooting;自由的设计风格Emancipated design

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