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Private cellars are low-key, luxurious, and mysterious. There hide the rare wines from all over the world, and the prestige that the owner prides with. The reason why socialites favour private cellars is because the pursuit of environmental perfection has reached the highest-level human beings could ever imagine.

Wine cellars usually adopt temperature and humidity control system from Italy or France. Lighting system is also customized to avoid ultra-violet rays and harmful lighting. Roof lighting is applied to facilitate wine appreciation. All sorts of high-end equipment are adopted to preserve the value of the “liquid asset”.

Wine cellars are often equipped with wine cabinets and private wine chambers: all the wine cabinets are made of high quality wood in dark colour to match with wine colour, aroma and temperament; wine chambers are usually small rooms or corridor-style chambers. Visitors are given the choice to select the wine they are in favour of in the snack bar; in the dining room professionals offer their special treats.






A building that records history always has something for people to appreciate. In the century-old mansion on the Bund, there hides a highly ceremonial private wine cellar, which has already become the paradise for wine lovers. The cellar well keeps the original elements of Swire Co., and now is transformed into an elegant private underground wine world. It’s a place for the distinguished guests to congregate, as well as a perfect arena for wine appreciation parties.

The then-coffer of Swire Co. is clouded with a sense of mystery. The vintage style lift takes you back to the old Shanghai of the golden days. As the lift descends, you mind is taken back to history.

The cellar is styled in the vintage design of Victorian chateaus, which is featured throughout the 200㎡ space. Different sections are arranged for different purposes – party and social, wine appreciation and dining, private wine collection, etc. This is a mysterious world secluded from the madding crowd, a place to experience the taste of fine wines, and the preciousness of life.


The Art Deco candle lamp from Italy, the half-century old antique refectory table, the crystal decorated candelabrum and many other refined ornaments all contribute to the creation of mysteriousness and elegance. Dining here is like time traveling through the 18th century.

Wine collecting is a lifestyle that transcends the mundane of everyday life. It is itself an enjoyment. Wine is for tasting and appreciation, yet most wines are not potentially competitive for collecting. Only 0.1% of all the wines are apt to be stored for over 10 years to become rare antiques. They are usually red wines, white wines, sweet white wines and Port wines, which are potential candidates for appreciation under strict temperature and humidity control.


Bund Cellar is well-conditioned in terms of temperature, light control and ventilation, and thus has become a perfect place for the wines to reside, as well as a favoured destination for distinguished guests to practise personalised lifestyle.


Here, collecting top-rated wines is not only a symbol of taste, but also a business that brings endless fortune. Private service is available in the 88 customized wine caves, which wins favour from a list of celebrities, from both home and abroad.

The name of the wine cellar, VINES, is a Latin word picked up from the Bible. It indicates the origin of wine, as well as the vitality of life. It is also a ceremonial word, which only rings the bell to the individuals that genuinely respects the ceremonial value of wine.

The architecture not only records the history it endured, but also passes on the stories that happened here. It awaits living artists to appreciate and admire, to turn the future to a part of the history.






重温历史 回甘浪漫

来自意大利的Art Deco烛灯、超越半世纪的古董长桌、有着水晶吊饰和华丽雕饰的烛台,以及许多浪漫唯美的欧式摆件,衬托出这片空间的独特、神秘与优雅。在这种氛围下用餐、品酒,不仅体验时空的穿越之感,也重温18世纪生活的乐趣。

藏于心,品于静,诠释的是一种“有关心境,无关财富”的内敛、超然的生活姿态。藏酒本身也是一种乐趣,葡萄酒的首要功能是用来品味和欣赏的。大多数葡萄酒没有陈年潜力,一般需在上市后两三年内饮用。只有占总量0.1%的葡萄酒才具有陈年10年以上的潜质,通常是顶级红葡萄酒、白葡萄酒、甜白葡萄酒和波特酒,这些酒需要 在温度和湿度控制适当的环境中存放后饮用。



在这里,储藏顶级葡萄酒不仅是时尚与品位的象征,还能带来不断增值的财富。私密的服务更体现在88个专属酒洞,私人定制的专属储酒空间,受到黄晓明、孙红雷、姚明等国内一线巨星青睐,也受到如Kobe Bryant、Paris Hilton等国际巨星的好评。



A bottle of rare wine is opened… the aroma permeates through the air. It’s pure enjoyment. It’s the taste of life. 作者Author/编辑Editor:钟彤悦 Anna Zhong

左页起顺时针 CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT PAGE私密酒窖空间Private wine cellar space;

古董餐桌Antique dinner table;

私人专属储酒之处Private wine storage area;

各国佳酿Various wines from the world;

空间受严格温度和湿度控制Space’s temperature and humidity strictly controlled;

葡萄酒爱好者的天堂A paradise of wine lovers

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