A Tour of Aboriginal Cuisine and Culture

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建于1901年的雪松幽谷农舍(Cedar Glen Farmstay)位于黄金海岸附近的雷明顿国家公园 (Lamington National Park)。坐在阳台上就可以饱览黄金海岸的秀丽山景。雪松幽谷农舍里的生活和它的名字一样,充满了诗意和宁静。难能可贵的是,这份宁静之中还藏着不少乐趣。走出房门就能与农舍中饲养的珍禽亲密接触;农场主会邀请大家一起玩回力镖。回力镖曾作为一些地区土著的狩猎工具,其中澳大利亚原住民的最为著名。在澳洲本土人的热情教学下,很快就能掌握这项技能。在这里,你还能更加深入地了解盛行于澳洲土著人群的美食文化——比利茶和丹波面包。因为比利茶是被装在比利茶壶里煮的,所以得此名。在煮茶的过程中,你可以尝试做丹波面包:把面粉、水和盐和在一起,捏成圆饼,架在火上烤熟即可。香酥又有一点点脆的丹波面包,配上澳洲特产的金糖浆一起吃,味道相当好。除此以外,你还能动手烤棉花糖,体验野外骑马的乐趣。

Cedar Glen Farmstay, established in 1901, is located in Lamington National Park near the glorious mountain ridges of the Gold Coast, which are visible from the property's balconies. Life in Cedar Glen Farmstay is just as poetic and tranquil as its name indicates. What's more, it offers endless moments of fun.

Walking out of the door, you are warmly welcomed by animal life on the farm. The farm owner invites visitors to play with boomerangs, which were invented by Australian Aborigines as a hunting weapon. With tuition from the local guides, you'll get the hang of this remarkable tool in no time.

Guests at the farmstay are privileged to explore Aboriginal cuisines – such as billy tea and damper. The former gets its name from the billycans used to make the tea. While that's brewing, you could also try making damper bread – a mix of flour water and salt that is vigorously kneaded before being baked. The freshly-baked bread is a perfect match with Australian golden syrup. Other fun activities include hand-made marshmallows and horse riding.

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