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艺术家路易丝·布尔乔亚性格中对于痛苦的敏感体现在她绝大多数的作品中,比如她1991年至2008年创作的“密室”系列雕塑作品。而这个时装系列主题“巢穴”就由此而来,运用皮革、金属和技能性面料,结合紧凑向上的廓形,在成衣作品中营造极具张力的能量感。 The artist Louise Bourgeois shows her sensitivity to pain through almost all of her works, notably the sculpture series, Cells, from 1991 to 2008. Now, a new fashion collection of the same name is the successor. With a combination of leather, metal and functional fabrics formed into upright silhouettes, this collection exudes remarkable internal power.

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