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设计中的抽象主题来自史蒂夫·卓博斯基执导的电影《壁花少年》,提取“我们都还活着”这个概念,以此为基础在设计上强调愉悦的生活态度。面料大量运用透气舒适的选择,廓形宽松而柔软,设计师借此希望穿着者在他的设计中找到快乐幸福的感觉,摆脱社会环境带来的一些沮丧感。 The abstract theme of this collection, ‘We Are Alive’, is taken from the book and film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Steve Chbosky. To channel the teenage angst-y yet familiar mood of the movie, the brand used fabrics that were air-permeable, while keeping silhouettes soft and loose. The designer hopes to bring happiness to the wearer through his easy-going designs, and ultimately alleviating some of the stresses of everyday society.

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