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2018 F/W Shanghai Haute Couture Week: Shanghai Style Binds with New Retail and Experiential Shopping

近日,2018秋冬上海高级定制周于外滩22号这栋独一无二的百年红楼举办。与往年不同的是,经过三年多的发展,上海高级定制周在今年迎来转型。“上海高级定制周Showcase”品牌发布,在这一季推出“即秀即定”同步体验的尝试,并配合视频直播发布现场,为高级成衣及成衣定制品牌开设线上电商渠道等新模式。主办方上海国际时尚联合会与阿里巴巴联合,启动淘宝“ifashion定制”频道,并在“ifashion定制”频道开设“New Couture新定制”品牌集成线上销售平台。同时,更以线上直播同步本季高定周发布实况、充分精准的平台大流量UV支持、现场构建即秀即定互动环境等形式深度合作,线下携手外滩22号上海高级定制中心,打造一个起引领作用的高级定制艺术文化中心。R ecently, 2018 F/W Shanghai Haute Couture Week was unveiled in the historic Bund 22 house. Different from previous editions, this year’s Shanghai Haute Couture adopts a total transformation after three years of development. This time it debuts the brand “Shanghai Haute Couture Showcase” and features a unique way for clients to order what they’re seeing. Internet broadcasting will also be conducted to facilitate online shopping channels.

The organizer, Shanghai International Fashion Federation, is set to join with Alibaba and initiate the ifashion channel, with the goal of eventually integrating with retail platform New Couture. In addition, the online broadcasts, along with the UV traffic data support and interactive live shows, are dedicated to transforming Bund 22 into a top-notch, flagship couture centre in Shanghai.

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